Energy Advice Line Is Now Crucial for Business Owners

Energy Advice Line, Ltd. had just unveiled their website, which aims to provide help to business owners on saving electricity by comparing different utility providers.


Dorset, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Energy Advice Line Limited had recently launched their website at The purpose of the site is to serve as a tool for business owners to compare business electricity prices from different electricity suppliers. Another aim of the website is to be able to provide business owners advice on how to switch from one utility provider to another.

With the rising cost of electricity today, owners realize the importance of saving on electricity for their business, especially those that are energy-intensive. But with a lot of electricity suppliers in the market today, business electricity prices comparison can be a confusing activity to most business owners.

That is why Energy Advice Line, Ltd. is crucial to these businesses. With their years of experience and technical know-how, Energy Advice Line, Ltd. will be able to work with these business, whether to on giving impartial, transparent, and essential information and comparison on the current business electricity prices available in the market, analyzing the fine print details in the suppliers’ terms and conditions, and even helping out work how to switch to a better utility supplier.

Now with the new website, the services provided by Energy Advice Line had become more accessible to the said businesses. It will be easier for the owners to be able to get advice on business electricity prices comparison, thus helping them save thousands of pounds from their electricity bills.

After comparing business electricity prices, the business owner finds a better or cheaper alternative, Energy Advice Line will also provide help in switching from the old provider to the new one, without any interruption to the business. This includes help in obtaining important business premises information and documentation, choosing the final quotation and locking in the best offer, and renewal reminders every end of the supplier’s contract.

About Energy Advice Line
Energy Advice Line is a utilities (electricity and gas) comparison service dedicated to providing its customers the most economical offers from top energy suppliers. The company is comprised of experienced experts from the energy sector, which can comprehensively offer impartial but sound advice as to what, where, and how to get the best business electricity prices in the market today.

Among Energy Advice Line’s services include the following: getting multiple quotations from different providers and doing a business electricity prices comparison; reading through the terms and conditions of both the current and future energy supplier; helping out the owners on the supplier switching process, from getting key information that the process will need (such as the business premises, meters & electrical supply numbers), documentations, and expected time scales and schedules; and finally, renewal reminders for every contractual end of term, so that the customer will be able to have the option to seek out and get a better (on both price and performance) electricity provider. With all of these in mind, Energy Advice Line champions significant savings for the customer via better electricity deals.