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Energy Bills Are Set to Rise Following Brexit


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2017 -- Recent research has been conducted suggesting that energy bills are predicted to rise following the Brexit movement. A plan of action has been called by Labour to tackle to high risk of fuel poverty which will impact many people including vulnerable groups such as pensioners in the next few months, but concerns continue to rise.

The rise in energy bills has been associated with the slump in the value of the British pound following the decision to leave the EU. It has been suggested that this has caused a rise in the price of importing gas.

The first company to make this change in energy prices was the Co-Op, who told customers that their energy bills would be increasing in October 2016. A few months later it is predicted that all providers will be forced to follow suit. This is largely because the prices of wholesale gas being imported for Europe have increased, where the value of the sterling against the Euro has seen a significant decrease.

However, the rise in energy bills is not the only concern when it comes to heating homes sufficiently in the Winter. There has also been a distinct lack of support regarding help with Winter fuel costs, as the allowance for such costs has shown not to have risen since 2007, despite significant inflation.

For vulnerable people such as pensioners, the energy costs are likely to cause a lot of worry regarding illness and coping during cold weather. It is highly advisable to ensure that homes are as energy efficient and insulated as possible, to ensure that the cold weather does not take too much of a toll on the health of these people.

Liquid Screed Ltd claim to have the perfect flooring and underfloor heating solutions to suit the needs of people who may be vulnerable during these Winter months. Their modern flooring solution involves combatting cold weather and fuel costs by using the latest innovative multilayer pipes and control systems, along with liquid screed to be used as the flooring surface over the heating system.

Liquid screed is an up and coming flooring solution which is perfect for insulative flooring, and also to be combined with an underfloor heating system. This is because liquid screed can be laid thinly, and has conductive properties, allowing for the heat from the underfloor heating system to move freely through the material, allowing for a very efficient heating process.

Although the initial cost of installing an underfloor heating system may seem like a substantial amount of money to spend, the investment is worthwhile for individuals who want to lower their energy prices significantly in the future, and it is usual to save money with this purchase, whilst also adding value to your home. Energy bills are reduced because the heating system is much more efficient than a normal radiator system. This is because the underfloor heating system will provide a radiative heating process, whereas radiators produce a conductive heating process which is less effective. The water used for underfloor heating is also needed at a much lower temperature to be efficient for heating, thus reducing energy costs further.

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