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Energy Efficient Underfloor Heating Systems from Liquid Screed

Improved Health Conditions, Even Heat Distribution and Warm Winters


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2016 -- Liquid Screed Ltd., one of the most preferred liquid screed and underfloor heating installers are pleased to offer their services to both residential and commercial clients including contractors, small scale home builders, renovators, and developers across UK. Underfloor heating is one of the best solutions to keep the coming winters much warmer, safer and healthier. These systems usually work in low temperatures especially when the flooring is made up of stone or tiles. And that is why it is considered most efficient in bathrooms. Liquid Screed provides only the latest modern equipment such as the control systems and multilayer pipes.

The advantages of having an underfloor heating system are:

-One can save a lot of space which is otherwise not possible with traditional heating systems such as radiators and heating systems.

-These systems distribute the heat evenly. Radiators are known to heat up the rooms very quickly and so it also gets dispersed quickly as it reaches the top. But with underfloor heating, the temperature remains constant throughout the room.

-Underfloor heating are energy efficient as well. They help users save up to 20-40% on their yearly utility bills.

-There is much better air that is circulated in the rooms. If it is a carpeted area, one can avoid dust mites. Unlike traditional heaters, these underfloor heating systems do not circulate bad air. Thereby keeping those clean and free of allergens that cause sever breathing problems including asthma.

The company also offer Floor Screed services which usually suit the under floor heating. This type of flooring is best for floating floor construction. The work can be completed fast, dried fast and is also safe which means it does not harbor harmful bacteria. They also offer floor sanding services which are usually done after the process of liquid screed. The company also makes some DIY kits and components available for individuals.

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Liquid Screed Ltd., based at London, United Kingdom is a company that provides floor screed and underfloor heating solutions across UK including London, Peterborough, The Lake District, Oxford, Cumbria, Bristol, Yorkshire, Bournemouth, Manchester, Nottingham and Cardiff.

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