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Energy Installs Led Bristol to Be Called as the Green Capital of Europe


Bristol, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- Bristol has been recently called as the Green Capital of Europe for the reason that a solar company is now based in Bristol. The solar company is offering solar energy all over the city which led the city to be called as the Green Capital. Bristol is one of the cities in South West England having a population of approximately 441,300. This has been known as the United Kingdom's eight and England's sixth most populated city.

Bristol caught the attention of the Jury with its greatest investment plans for energy and transport. The city committed a budget amounting to €300 million for renewable energy and energy efficiency by 2020 and €500 m for transport developments by 2015. Since 2005, the carbon emission in Bristol declined despite of the growing economy. The city aims to become the European hub of low-carbon industry targeting 17,000 new jobs in digital, creative and lower carbon sectors by 2030. In 2012, it also demonstrated 4.7 percent growth in their green economy.

In addition to being an efficient city with continuously improving green economy, Bristol is now known for being the greenest city with good air quality in United Kingdom. The number of cyclists have been doubled years ago and aiming to double this number by 2020.

Bristol will soon act as the role model for Europe, UK and the whole world. This was the agreement negotiated by Bristol together with foreign office for the purpose of promoting the award all over Europe. And the world via British Embassies can get the chance of raising the profile of the said Award. The tag line of Bristol is "Laboratory for Change" which is based on learning, innovation, and good leadership. The innovation lab and social media thru live lab conferences will be utilized to ensure Bristol will be available to Europe and vice versa, whereas reducing or completely removing the entire carbon footprint.

According to the Jury, Bristol had shown high level of achievement all over the country. This city is an innovator when it comes to green economy, powerful communication strategy as well as enthusiasm and commitment in portraying its role as model for Europe.

And with that being said, lots of people in Bristol have been encouraged to install solar panels to contribute in making the city greener and reduce carbon emission. Energy Installs helped the people of Bristol in installing solar panels which made these individuals realized that "the sun never sends a bill". One customer said "I love how our solar panels cut down our bills and thanks to Energy Installs I have greatly contributed in making our environment healthy and friendly".

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