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Energy Muse Announces Beauty Wrap Launch


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- Energy Muse, located on the web at , is well-known for its beautiful crystal jewelry that has been spotted on stars ranging from Bill Engvall to Jennifer Love Hewitt. Now, Energy Muse is excited to take its inspirational jewelry in a whole new direction with the introduction of beauty wraps.

Beauty wraps are unique forms of healing crystal jewelry and energy jewelry that function as both a necklace and a bracelet. These 30-inch long pieces can be wrapped around the wrist to make a wide and beautiful bracelet or hung from the neck in one or two wraps, depending on the length desired. Energy Muse beauty wraps are flexible and beautiful, offering great fashion options for those who want healing crystal jewelry that also looks great.

So far, three beauty wraps have been added to the Energy Muse website at . Another three are due to be added at the end of the month, and Energy Muse will continue to add beauty wraps as they are made available. The three currently available include:

- The Miracle Wrap. This wrap includes labradorite to relieve hopelessness, depression and anxiety. Instead, labradorite, which is a very high vibrational stone, replaces these negative energies with playfulness and creativity.

- The Perseverance Wrap. The Perseverance Wrap contains garnet, a stone that encourages success, emits positive energy and increases willpower. Garnet is the stone of commitment, so this wrap will help wearers retain confidence in abilities and move forward to goals.

- The Willpower Wrap. Citrine is a stone that radiates light, happiness and abundance. Wearers who want a boost to their personal commitment to their goals will find that this wrap offers strength for self-will.

Energy Muse is pleased to offer these and other upcoming beauty wraps for those who want to make a commitment to themselves and their own abilities and positive energies.

About Energy Muse
Energy Muse is a company that offers beautiful, handmade crystal jewelry made from the finest natural stones and substances. Energy Muse is also a lifestyle, created by believing that health, power and positive energy can radiate from tapping into inner hidden potential with the power of healing and inspirational crystals.

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