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Energy Muse Announces Huge Semi- Annual Memorial Day Sale


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2013 -- Celebrity favorite, Energy Muse, is announcing a huge semi- annual Memorial Day sale. Occurring from midnight Sunday May 26 (EST) to midnight Tuesday May 28 (EST), Energy Muse will be offering consumers up to 50% off of crystal jewelry , handmade jewelry, and accessories. This is one of only two site- wide sales that Energy Muse will be offering this year. Consumers eager to obtain the looks that celebrities covet are encouraged to log on and take advantage of this special sale!

Said owner Heather Askinosie, "We're excited to offer our customers an opportunity to purchase our beautiful crystal jewelry at a wallet- friendly price. Everyone wants to look like their favorite celebrity, and now they can, at up to half the price! Creating our jewelry is truly a labor of love and we are so pleased to offer it to eager consumers at a discounted price. We take loving care to create each piece of jewelry to manifest your desires."

This special sale offers consumers the opportunity to obtain the looks of celebrities such as David Beckham, Kate Hudson, Ryan Seacrest, Usher and Lauren Conrad at a discounted price. Featured in a variety of television and magazine press, these celebrity favorites are the height of fashion. Each piece of handmade crystal jewelry has a unique intention as well as a unique style.

Founded with the belief that every person is their own healer, teacher, and messenger, Energy Muse offers crystal jewelry with a purpose. Each piece of handmade jewelry is created as wearable energy to balance the body and tap into a wearer's inner power. From the lovelorn to athletes, wearers often comment that they feel a special affinity with their jewelry. Many wearers like to refer to their experience with Energy Muse's inspirational jewelry as "transformational" and "empowering." To encourage this successful interaction, Energy Muse takes great care to purify, activate, and align their jewelry in a sacred healing room for 48 hours. The website also includes instructions for proper cleaning and maintenance of this jewelry.

Consumers seeking an opportunity to manifest their own desires or to look like their favorite celebrity are encouraged to take advantage of this special sale. At these heavily discounted prices, jewelry pieces are sure to sell out fast.

About Energy Muse
Energy Muse is a leading supplier of energy jewelry, crystal necklaces and healing jewelry that is handmade to the highest standards and based on principles that have been in practice since ancient times. Energy Muse jewelry represents the highest levels of quality and creativity and provides power and energy to wearers for many different purposes. Clients agree that Energy Muse has top gemstone specialists who can help them find the perfect stone.

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