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Energy Muse Introduces a Line of Fertility Pieces


Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- Energy Muse, premiere provider of handmade crystal jewelry , has introduced its latest line of wearable energy, the Fertility Collection.

Said owner Heather Askinosie, "We're so excited to release our Fertility Collection. We noticed there were not many products on the market that gave inspiration to those trying to start the next step in their lives. We hope our mothers-to-be love them as much as we do!"

Energy Muse continues to offer energy jewelry, inspirational jewelry and crystal necklaces as well as the new Fertility Collection. Energy Muse is dedicated to the concept of providing the perfect crystal energy products and healing jewelry tailored to every individual’s needs.

Childbirth Bracelet . This Energy Muse piece was created to help women through pregnancy and childbirth. Unakite helps wearers see the beauty in life and lifts spirits. Place Unakite on the belly to make a spiritual connection with the unborn baby. Peach Moonstone is associated with the moon and believed to be a woman's stone, worn for fertility and love. It also diminishes anxiety and brings harmony and peace to the wearer. The charm represents a lifetime bond between a mother and child.

Fertility Bracelet. Moonstone is believed to be a woman's stone, worn for fertility and love. In some countries, Moonstone is offered as a blessing to ensure a large family, as it promotes hormonal balance and strengthens the immune system. Lepidolite has a soft nurturing energy, which reminds wearers to love themselves, and helps to alleviate anxiety with pregnancy and childbirth.

It's a Boy Bracelet. Angelite is a soothing and gentle stone. It helps to connect with the angelic realm and guardian angels. It holds the vibration of love and is believed to give the wearer's voice a soft tone, making it is easy to communicate with an unborn child.

It's a Girl Bracelet. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It serves as a gentle reminder to take care of oneself. As wearers "mother" and nurture themselves, they gain the energy to "mother" someone else. Pearls help wearers feel happy and beautiful. They also emit a calm, peaceful energy.

Motherhood. Aquamarine is the stone of honest communication and encourages wearers to go with the flow knowing that everything happens at its own divine timing. Morganite brings the energy of love and self-love. It opens the heart to unconditional love and brings a sense of joy, compassion and peace. It also assists in strengthening relationships by encouraging acceptance, forgiveness and unity.

New Beginnings Bracelet. This Energy Muse piece was created to help wearers begin a new chapter in their lives. Amazonite is the stone of courage. It promotes confidence and excitement when starting a new chapter in life. It helps with anxiety, self-neglect, and mood swings and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Chrysocolla is the stone of the Goddess and is empowering for women. It has a soothing and gentle energy, which is beneficial for both mother and unborn child.

Pregnancy Bracelet . This Energy Muse piece was designed to help mothers-to-be through pregnancy. Carnelian is the stone of passion, energy and joy. It helps to balance the second Sacral chakra, which is associated with the female reproductive system. The Egyptians believed it was a protective stone and a constant source of renewing vitality.

About Energy Muse
Energy Muse jewelry has been featured in major magazines and worn by top celebrities for years. This healing crystal jewelry provides support for physical and mental wellness, health and energy. Thousands of people have discovered the positive energy available from Energy Muse jewelry and scent products.

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