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Energy Supplier Obligations Have Benefited Millions of Uk Homes

Decc Figures Show Millions Of Uk Homes Have Benefited From Energy Supplier Obligations In 2012


Hertfordshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) Energy Supplier Obligations report, details the number of properties that have benefited through the receipt of insulation measures and energy efficient products from the Energy Supplier Obligation at the start of April 2012.

DECC estimate that at the start of April 2012, 9.7 million properties have benefited from at least one major insulation measure. By the end of 2022 DECC estimate that an additional 4.8 million properties that have not already been in receipt of at least one insulation measure, via either the Energy Efficiency Commitment (EEC), Carbon Emission Reductions Target (CERT) or Community Energy Savings Programme (CESP), would receive one or more major insulation measures.

Furthermore, the DECC estimate more than 14.5 million properties will have benefited from at least one major insulation measure via supplier obligations. Four million of the properties will have benefited from both wall and loft insulation over this period.

The table below shows other measures/products delivered through EEC and CERT:

Measure/Product EEC1 EEC2 CERT Total
Energy efficient 39,738,000 101,876,000 303,555,000 445,169,000
light bulbs
Heating controls 2,366,000 2,236,000 0 4,603,000
New Boilers 366,000 2,083,000 0 2,449,000
Energy efficient 6,602,000 22,855,000 55,000 29,512,000
Real time displays 0 0 2,413,000 2,413,000

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Enquiries have noticeably increased since the uptake of the Green Deal in January and we are encouraged by last year’s figures from the DECC, that show energy efficiency in the UK built environment as a whole is on the increase.

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