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Why Energy Deregulation Is Good for Businesses and Individuals…


Holland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- Energy deregulation has led to amazing opportunities for businesses and individuals to save money on their electric and gas bills. The government has mandated energy deregulation in all states by 2015.  To date 35 states are now fully or partially deregulated. For the first time ever, you now have the ability to choose your energy supplier. For businesses and individuals this translates into monthly savings on their utility bills.
Donna Carr is an Independent Energy Broker.  She offers a free energy analysis to businesses interested in finding out if they are being overcharged.  This no-cost service only requires a copy of the company’s utility bills to get started.  She provides analysis for businesses in all 35 of the currently deregulated states.

Ms. Carr states the she “works for the consumer not the supplier.  I work closely with all types of businesses in the public and private sectors both large and small.  I specialize in helping charities, churches and non-profit organizations achieve energy savings”. 

Because Donna is an Independent Broker she is able to compare the rates of a number of different suppliers, assuring the best possible rate for every company and individual.  The client still pays their bill and receives all their service thru their current energy company.  Nothing changes. They simply pay less money. She helps to educate her clients on how to look at the energy market and how to leverage deregulation to create energy savings and decrease business operating costs.

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Energy deregulation is Good for businesses and individuals. Businesses save money on overhead. Individuals save money on monthly utility and energy expenses. And others will start new businesses.

Donna Carr – Utility Save
Independent Energy Broker