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Energywise Knows That Window Replacements Offer the Best of Both Worlds for Home Improvement

Replacement Windows Offer an Interior and Exterior Facelift Along with Energy Efficiency


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- Homeowners have many options for how to improve their homes, spend their money and invest in their own property. Only one of these options offers both an interior and an exterior facelift, while also offering great benefits in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings -- replacement windows.

Replacing all of a home's windows with new, energy efficient models can reduce that home's emissions by up to 15,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Clearly, this small upgrade offers huge improvements to the environment.

Energy efficiency is also beneficial for lowering energy costs. With dramatically reduced cooling and heating needs, the cost savings can be substantial. Over a matter of years, energy efficient replacement windows will pay for themselves, while going a step further and raising the home's value on the marketplace.

High quality replacement windows are a true investment, and one that pays dividends for the home, the homeowner's budget today and in the future, and of course, the environment itself.

Different geographical areas have different concerns and requirements when it comes to receiving the highest quality of replacement windows. In the heat of Austin, it's crucial to have rugged windows which protect against UV rays as completely as possible, keeping that scorching sun away from the interior of a home, and reducing cooling costs.

Energywise Windows is locally run, and owner Greg Ginther personally ensures that every product is a fantastic fit for local conditions, and offers maximum efficiency.

Not only does Energywise come with glowing reviews from past clients, but the company has also been voted as Best in Home Improvement by Citysearch. The quality of their products and the dedicated customer service they provide all of their clients speaks for itself, but there's more to the company than that.

Energywise has a commitment to helping the environment and their local community. With their Pay It Forward campaign, the company donates 3 percent of every completed job to the local charity or nonprofit organization of the homeowner's choice. Over a dozen local charities in and around Austin have benefited from this campaign.

Replacement windows are a win-win for any homeowner in Austin. Call the team at 512.775.2342 or visit today to get started.

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Energywise Windows is the leader for replacement windows in Austin, Texas. A locally-based, family-run business, Energywise is owned by Greg Ginther, who deals with every client directly and personally. The company is dedicated to providing accessible home improvement solutions, outstanding customer service, and the highest quality of replacement windows. Learn more about Energywise and how they help Austin homeowners by visiting, or calling 512.775.2342 to speak with a representative today.