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ENetHealth Explain How Gail Bennell's Gluten Free Bible Can Help People Who Suffer from Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance


Wells, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- For those people who discover that they are gluten intolerant, or worse still, have full-blown celiac disease, life can be a real struggle because a lot of sacrifices need to be made with regards to food. In some cases just a few crumbs of food that contain wheat can trigger severe bouts of pain that can easily last for several days or more.

Subsequently people are always looking for information on how to live with this condition, and how to fully adopt a gluten-free lifestyle without having to go through any more pain, and one of the most popular guides in this respect is the Gluten Free Bible from Gail Bennell, which is an ebook that can be purchased and downloaded online.

ENetHealth have recently been looking at this Gluten Free Bible in some detail, and have published a full review of this book on their website.

According to this review, it has been written by someone (Gail Bennell) who has been diagnosed with celiac disease and has lived a gluten-free lifestyle for the last 7 years.

So in other words, it has been written by someone who has been through all the ups and the downs, has made lots of mistakes, and is now in a position to offer some invaluable advice to fellow sufferers.

“This ebook basically provides people with everything they need to know about living a gluten-free lifestyle, and has lots of useful tips and resources that many people will find useful,” said an ENetHealth.com spokesperson.

"This includes things like a 1-page shopping list that people can take to the supermarket, a 3-day meal plan that will help people get started on a gluten-free diet, a list of 27 common foods that should be avoided, a list of 7 ways to eat gluten-free on a budget and a guide to some of the questions that people should ask the chef when dining out."

Anyone that would like to read a full review of this Gluten Free Bible, and find out where to buy this ebook online, can do so by visiting:


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