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Engagement Ring Wall Makes Ring Shopping Easier by Aggregating Online Engagement Rings


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- With a long overdue aggregate shopping site for engagement rings, Engagement Ring Wall is making the ring searching process easier for millions of consumers. In addition to the shopping engine, the company posts numerous tips and guides that help people buy the best possible engagement ring for their specific budget. The company focuses on rings sold by online jewelers that are not only of premier quality but are highly competitively priced.

Julie Roberts, co-founder of Engagement Ring Wall, explained the idea behind the website: “Our mission is to help people easily find the engagement ring of their dreams. Our website aggregates and consolidates engagement rings found across the web, simplifying the ring searching process. We also emphasize the savings that can be had by buying online, even for rings that are of equal or better quality than those found in brick-and-mortar jewelers.”

Going further, she elaborated on some of the tools that the site provides: “Engagement Ring Wall also offers buying tools and guides to help people select the best ring. We give registered members a ‘Ring Box’, where they can save and store the rings that they like for later comparison. We also understand that buying an engagement ring is often confusing for most customers, especially because it is an integral part of their proposal. That’s why we created the Engagement Ring University with tips, advice, and step-by-step guides to help individuals at each step of the buying process.“

The website itself, located at http://www.engagementringwall.com, balances the aggregation of rings with sorting and filtering options to aid their search and a ranking algorithm to show the highest rated and most popular rings first. Filtering options include ring price, metal type, style, and brand while sorting options include price and popularity.

The buying guides found in the Engagement Ring University section, such as ‘Engagement Rings 101: A Crash Course’, educate buyers with articles on choosing the style of the ring, diamond quality, and many other tips. Topics such as diamond certificates, ring setting types, online jeweler reviews, and much more are covered on the site to help individuals start their ring search with confidence before making their once in a lifetime purchase.

About Engagement Ring Wall
Engagement Ring Wall is an online shopping platform for engagement rings. Through their website, http://www.engagementringwall.com, buyers can browse engagement rings from different online jewelers and order online. The company is known for its aggregated listings of engagement rings and focus on quality and price, especially compared to traditional brick-and-mortar jewelers. The company’s website also offers guides to help individuals select a ring for their future lifetime partner.

For more information about Engagement Rings, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of engagementringwall.com, please call at 704-578-6742 or email to julie@engagementringwall.com.