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Engineered by Total-Apps, MojoPay Is the New PayPal Alternative for Merchant Processing

Fueled by ingenuity, MojoPay offers a more-perfected merchant processing medium through a unique user experience.


Aliso Viejo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- Integration is the rising trend in modern e-commerce. In order for new businesses to grow, turn a profit and set forth on a course of stability, it takes more than just a simple merchant account. Generating online sales goes beyond keying in transactions, to answer the call it takes more than simple credit card processing. As the leaders in emerging payment technologies, the makers of Total Apps developed a new system to best facilitate Internet transactions for businesses. Fueled by the ingenuity of founder and former Rocket Scientist turned E-Commerce Engineer, Rey Pasinli, MojoPay is about creating an e-commerce ecosystem through which businesses can easily grow.

Designed to create a seamless experience for the online merchant, MojoPay’s ingenuity goes past its appearance in many ways. For everything ranging from domain registration, hosting, web design and everything relating to operating an e-commerce business, MojoPay will help set-up shop not only with dedicated support for developers and webmasters, but also offers a lucrative 25% revshare for any party that refers their clients. "I believe the future is Web 3.0: Social Commerce and we’re focused on building then next evolutionary step on mobile payments." says Total-Apps founder Rey Pasinli.

Many e-commerce businesses are in need of secure, simplified yet robust options for processing payments. The most popular service for online business is PayPal, features several hurdles such as fees and regulations that can stunt the growth and progress of a business. Over the last few years, PayPal has inexplicably frozen accounts of many legitimate businesses. According to the Houston Chronicle article, Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Paypal, “Users have had accounts frozen and their balance held for a number of reasons… There’s no landmark for how long an account can be frozen; some users report getting a freeze lifted within hours—while others have taken months.”

Other accounts have had their money held under review and rendered inaccessible with little to no explanation. Unfortunately for these merchants, PayPal does not offer any option to speak with a live person. For these reasons, among others, a growing number of merchants are in need of a new alternative.

MojoPay offers live support options via trouble ticket, online chat and phone options depending upon the service plan selected by the merchant. For processing, MojoPay creates secure PCI-compliant payment pages but also offers options for direct API and supports most the major popular shopping as well. Finally, the MojoPay’s API integration is a dream for web developers providing both online chat and phone support to ensure fast response times to problem resolution. Through this new medium, businesses, merchants and private sellers can send and receive money, track invoices and transactions through a simplified portal designed to seamlessly help operate a business.

Merging top-tier merchant accounting, customer service with an attention to detail that leaves no stone unturned, precise payment processing, social commerce integration and marketing excellence to create a whole new frontier for growing businesses. For More Information Please Visit

About Total-Apps
Founded by Rey Pasinli, Total-Apps is the advanced payment processing solution with services for credit card transactions, multiple account types, e-commerce engineering and 24/7 technical support. Lead by a group of distinguished professionals and technology experts, Total-Apps offers the convenience, reliability, security and flexibility (for mobile devices, online businesses and retail operations) that clients deserve and expect to receive.