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Engineered Transport Services Revolutionizing Heavy Lift Service Industry

Heavy haul and heavy lift industry opens up to application of engineering and technology on transport services.


Spruce Grove, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- A few decades ago, transporting heavy lift equipment was close to impossible. Today, commercial trucks are made very large, powerful and can be configured to mount specialized equipment in various sizes and weight. Handling, transporting and installation of heavy items which are solid and weigh generally a ton to over 1000 tons are challenging for most. Some equipment even stretch up to 100 meters in width making it impossible to fit into containers or conventional trucks. Because of these challenges, technologically advanced picker services were made.

Heavy lift transport requires individual transport planning. It starts with engineered lift studies providing clients with 3D or CAD drawings depicting crane positioning, clearances, radii, rigging, ground breaking pressures and lift procedure to give an overview of the process and its practice. When everything is in place, next plan is the Routing and Feasibility studies. To ensure the items are transported smoothly from the place of origin to its destination, proper routing in line with transport regulations are being inspected and discussed. Wireless load cell system and center of gravity calculations are also made prior to leaving to check if bridges and highways on the route can support the weight of the items. Without reviewing these considerations, specialized transport would be a disaster.

Tools of Trade

Crane is well recommended vertical lift of overweight load as well as transporting to a considerable distance. Lifting capacity of cranes ranges from a single ton to 500 tons. It is usually used in industries including mining, oil sands, petro chemical, pulp and paper, forestry, infrastructure, hydro-electric and wind power that require such machines on their day to day routines. Cranes have different types; all-terrain, rough-terrain, crawlers, hydraulic truck mounted and picker trucks.

Crawler crane has lifting capacity from about 40 to 3,500 tons and is mostly used on the job site. Because of its heavy load, moving around the site will be challenging. It is often disassembled and moved from one location to the other using trucks. All terrain and rough terrain cranes are mostly used on job sites for easy lifting and transportation of overload equipment on various environmental settings. It can be used on site and can endure rough grounds. Hydraulic truck mounted type is mostly used for easy transport of items on roads or highway without special permits. A picker truck does the same but is used in transporting loads to location with very large distances.

With these technological advancements and application of general science, moving mountains becomes easier and cost-efficient for everyone.

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ENTREC is a leading provider of heavy lift and heavy haul services with offerings encompassing crane services, heavy haul transportation, engineering, logistics and support. ENTREC provides these services to the oil and natural gas, construction, petrochemical, mining and power generation industries. The common shares of ENTREC trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol "ENT".