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Engineers and Healthcare Specialists Consulting Executivembaguides.org for Executive MBA Degree Info


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2012 -- More engineers and healthcare specialist in the U.S. within a variety of disciplines are pursuing an executive MBA degree to advance their career. In order to learn more about executive MBA programs, these seasoned professionals are turning to the Executive MBA Resource Guides Website.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are seventeen distinct engineering specialties that will experience growth of more than 200,000 jobs within the decade, and the healthcare shortage is well known by now. The U.S. has a significant number of engineers and healthcare specialists working in the field that have degrees but little in the way of formal business training that could further propel their careers as managers. “In order to capture those positions, many of them are seeking information from our Website on the best path to gaining that Executive MBA,” said the Executive MBA Guides Website representative.

Many mid-level engineers working in the field have plenty of industry experience but few employers can risk on-the-job training even for those with an aptitude for budgeting and major project planning. A similar scenario applies to the healthcare continuum. Many RNs and other degreed healthcare professionals have worked their way up through the ranks in hospitals and other healthcare settings, yet they have reached a ceiling when it comes to management or officer roles.

For both of these industry career path veterans, working full time does not lend itself to pursuit of an on-campus MBA to take advantage of many of the available administrative and management positions in their respective fields. In addition, few of these individuals are clear on the qualities they must possess as well as the options for schooling that may be open to them for pursuing an Executive MBA.

While many in engineering and healthcare apply critical thinking skills to their specific disciplines, few have honed them in terms of large-scale planning or budgeting. Still, the biggest problem is often one of time for the working professional. Consequently, many find that pursuing an Executive MBA online is the way to go. “There are many options for engineering or healthcare specialists desiring an Executive MBA, and many will find that their employer is willing to help,” said the Website representative. Arming themselves with the information our guide can provide is a great way to start.” For more information, please visit http://www.executivembaguides.org/

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