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Friends Launch Crowd Funding Campaign for 'English for Eliseo'- a Young Man Living in Honduras and Seeking Education in America


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- IndieGogo campaign is created with the hopes of supporting one man named Eliseo as he chases his own “American Dream," which is to study English at the Drexel Intensive English Program in the United States. In doing so, he hopes to eventually go to college and become an English teacher in Honduras.

With an impressive $450 as of today, a young man living in Comayagua, Honduras is seeking support through his friends and family via a curated IndieGogo campaign. The crowdfunding campaign, which will run for 28 more days, is seeking to raise $8,610 USD. The funds will go towards the cost of one semester of Intensive English study at Drexel University. In addition, any funds raised will help support the costs of living expenses such as books, food, and room and board. This campaign will only receive funds if the pledges are received by the campaign's deadline. The funding duration began on February 13, 2014 and will end on April 14, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

“I met Eliseo through a family friend and heard about his goals and dreams. Since I'm a recent college graduate, I don't have the funds to support Eliseo, but I wanted to do something, hence why I started this campaign,” states the campaign's founder, Lillie Williams. She goes on to say that, "Every little bit helps. Eliseo won't receive the money raised if we don't reach our goal. With that being said, if we don't raise the amount of money that we need to send him to Drexel, every backer will get their money back.”

Supporters of this unique campaign will receive special perks when they donate with the donation options ranging from $5 to $500 dollars. Backers can choose between a hand-written "thank you” letter, t-shirt, or even Graduation party invite for when Eliseo completes his semester of studies. To put it into perspective, if just 400 people contributed $22 dollars (less than a week's worth of lattes), the campaign will have reached its goal.

Eliseo Palacios Euceda provides commentary on how a semester at Drexel would transform his life (translated) and what this campaign means to him. "This would be life-changing for me. A successful campaign would mean that my greatest dream would come to fruition. I studied teaching in high school but have not found a job in the two years since I’ve graduated. The opportunities are not here like they are in America. When I had heard from my family that my cousin (who is a naturalized American citizen) learned English and later returned to Honduras to teach English I realized that was exactly what I wanted to do. This would also give me the opportunity to make a difference in my community, but would change not only my life, but my entire family’s for the better.”

The World Bank has declared Honduras the third poorest country in the world. With educational opportunities, including funding and student loans are virtually non-existent in Honduras… his has become an opportunity for many American philanthropists to support a child in Honduras and change a life forever by sponsoring Eliseo in Honduras in and in collaborative effort helping rise above poverty and educate him. Campaign supporters are encouraged to ‘like’ and follow the campaign's Facebook page for all the latest updates and details regarding Eliseo’s journey to America.

For media inquires regarding ‘English for Eliseo’ individuals are encouraged to contact, Campaign Founder, Lillie Williams at (267) 595-7136 or via email at To learn more about the campaign or to contribute, please visit:

About Eliseo
Eliseo is 19 years old and lives in Comayagua, Honduras. He currently wishes to study English in the United States at and Intensive English Language program at Drexel University so that he can be an English teacher in Honduras. Eventually, he would like to continue his education at University.