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Enhance Workouts Through Music


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- Exercise provides physical and mental stimulation, but there are those who find they are incapable of zoning out on their run, or feel bored watching themselves in the weight room mirror. For people who find themselves losing focus during a workout, music may be a key to keeping rhythm and routine to a fitness regimen.

It’s no wonder endurance athletes are often seen with headphones inside their ears, nor why numerous varieties of mp3 players and iPods are designed to cater to those needing to carry the device with them during all activities. Research into the link between music and exercise began in the 1920’s and still continues today. A recent study conducted by Robert Sewak, PD, made light of a 1935 discovery that a change in the tempo of music can cause a person’s rate of perspiration to change as well. The more data researched, the more scientists discovered.

Music and tempo has an active effect on the listeners’ heart-rate, blood pressure, physical and mental relaxation. All of these affect the flow of energy to the body, resulting in reduced fatigue and renewed energy during a workout.

Those who run often discuss choosing music with a certain tempo that assists them in staying at a certain pace or running a various tempos. A play list can even be customized to include cues for a person to slow down for a period of time, or increase pace to improve endurance on longer runs.

Music has been shown to improve focus and productivity not only during exercise, but also in workers who were allowed to listen to the radio or an mp3 player at their desks.

To test this, many trainers suggest paying attention the next time a person is listening to music while working, or even while engaging in a short burst of activity. Notice how the body moves to keep rhythm with the beat, and perhaps take advantage of this to keep mental focus during the next round of athletic activity.

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