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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2015 -- Little else can replicate the intoxicating experience of driving a luxury car. Even if owning the asset is undesired or out of the question, those with their eyes on a Bentley or Mercedes can now experience one of these powerful luxury vehicles as though they were their very own. Luxury Rental Directory, the one-stop online shop for exotic car rentals based in Philadelphia, currently has 75 luxury vehicles listed by asset owners wishing to connect with renters.

These exclusive listings, available only to Luxury Rental Directory members, feature some of the rarest and most beautifully engineered cars in the United States and Europe. Each listing includes high-definition photographs and details about the vehicle, including its history, stats and location. By claiming the listing, members are immediately on their way to renting a luxury car, whether they want to feel the power of a Cadillac Escalade or the sleek speed of a Ferrari Fiorano. Luxury Rental Directory is the only exotic and sports car rental experience of its kind.

Luxury Rental Directory directly connects luxury asset owners across the globe with renters. By signing up, members have access to hundreds of listings for luxury accommodations, exotic cars, yachts and private aircraft. They can directly communicate with asset owners for more information, as well. Asset members can also have their listing verified in person by the Luxury Rental Directory team to ensure quality.

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Luxury Rental Directory is the one-stop online shop for luxury vacation accommodations, yachts, private jets and exotic cars. By making it simple to establish profiles and listings, and by ensuring security and veracity with a combination of user reviews and independent verification, this social marketplace directly connects luxury asset owners with interested renters. The direct relationship ensures that renters get the best deals on luxury experiences, while asset owners have complete control over to whom they rent and at what price and duration.

Visit Luxury Rental Directory to create a profile as an asset owner or renter. For more information, Luxury Rental Directory can be reached at or 877-505-8987.