Enjoy a Unique Smoking Experience with the Boss Hookah Cigars

The cigar product does not contain any harmful chemical substances or emit any smoke, fire or ash.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- The Boss Hookah Cigars is a reputed enterprise engaged in production and sales of Hookah cigars. The company based in USA has recently introduced a new electronic smoking device that they call The Boss Hookah Cigars. The company affirms that hookah cigars taste similar to the traditional cigars, but offers an altogether unique smoking experience.

The company owner says, “Our Company utilizes the state of the art refined micro- electronic technology in producing hookah cigars”. It is possible for people to enjoy the aroma of real cigars with this product. The Boss Hookah Cigars is non flammable offering a good smoke without actually emitting any smoke, fire, ash or tar. “Smokers can just add any alcohol to the Boss hookah Cigars then smoke,” adds the company spokesman.

The outer shell material of Hookah Cigars is made from eco friendly plastic including an E liquid capacity of 4.0 ml. Since, the product does not contain any tar ingredient; smokers can choose to smoke at any place. There is no possibility of any side effects as this product contains only real tobacco.

When compared to the traditional cigars, Hookah Cigars offer many prominent advantages and product features for regular smokers. Unlike, traditional cigars which include detrimental chemical substances like tar; this product is purely free from substances like those and thus offers a risk free smoking experience. By smoking hookah cigars, one does not produce smoke as in the case of regular cigars thereby increasing the risk of passive smoking to people around them. Smokers have the specific advantage of reusing this product and there is no need to be bothered about disposing cigarette ashes or stubs after smoking.

The company announces a special offer to smokers which include 100,000 Puffs with each The Boss Hookah Cigars and free alcohol for 6 months. It is possible for smokers to recharge hookah cigars everywhere along with the option to re-fill the same with any alcohol or liquid. The company offers high-energy battery cigars which are more durable. A typical product design which is similar to the traditional cigars is displayed in Hookah Cigars making it more convenient and easy to carry out.

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About Boss Hookah Cigars
The Boss Hookah Cigars has recently launched this new electronic smoking product which is similar in smell and taste with that of the traditional cigar but offers unique product features. Hookah Cigars is non flammable and include real tobacco. The company produces Hookah cigar products keeping in mind the specific health standards and claims this particular brand does not pose any of those risks.

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