Enjoy the Siege Battle and Win the Emperor Career in the Elder Scrolls Online


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- As is known to all, become an emperor is each player's ultimate dream with The Elder Scrolls Online cdkey. But, before becoming a king, one must take his alliance teammates to join the war of the castle. In the battle people get hurt, but also there will be a record. When ones alliance occupies the six castles at the same time, he will have a chance to become the only emperor the whole game.

The battle for the throne will be large-scale RVR among all the alliances and players. First explain what RVR is. Realm vs. Realm is RVR for short. Multiplayer PVP (a player attack another player to form a competitive interaction) has formed the RVR. In this mode, the enemy camp can freely against unless in our camp safety or neutral security zone.

The war in order to occupy the city will be one of the elder scrolls OL the final content. In the game, players need to choose one enemy out of three forces against who are ready to conquer the continent. Among them, to the three forces combat, the empire at the center of the city was set to RVR space. Players and region players belong can make occupation related areas of mines and cities, farms, etc. Of course, they can also much easier to get Elder Scrolls Online Gold. The fun would be the siege battle around the city.

The siege battle of "The elder scrolls OL" supports 100 players to participate in each power. In the process of the siege, each force will be in battle with two other hostile forces, and also occupy the city. It is reported, will also appear with siege slings and siege weapons. And successful occupation forces will be able to get a benefit of the city. At the same time, if the player's forces occupied the city, the players have a chance to be the emperor in addition to ESO Gold for Sale. After the siege, for maximum performance in the field of players will become the emperor.

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