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Enjoyment of Life Linked to Both Mental and Physical Health


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2014 -- Recent focus on overall health has highlighted the particular importance of mental well-being, and a recent study from the UK backed up this importance by advising that those who enjoy life more have better physical function than their peers.

A positive outlook on life and being equipped to handle the various types of stress encountered daily not only makes a person healthy mentally, but this positivity can translate into their physical performance as well. The study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal discussed the results of a UCL study that assessed participants aged 60 years and older on their general enjoyment of life.

Over 3,000 participants were asked to rate on a four-point scale how much they enjoyed the company of others, their daily activities, what their sense of happiness about their life was and how much energy they felt on a daily basis. The study also measured the walking speed of participants and assessed their difficulty with everyday tasks such as bathing and dressing.

The study found that those who had a low sense of well-being and general happiness were three times as likely to struggle with everyday activities, where their peers who were happier had an easier time with the same activities, and had faster walking paces overall.

It is important to note that those suffering from chronic illness were less likely to enjoy life, but just as important to recognize how being active and improving mental health can decrease the effects and symptoms of certain chronic diseases.

Those who were married and working also scored higher on the happiness scale, and those in a higher socio-economic status were also happier overall. This also highlights the importance of being socially aware and doing what we can to improve those of lesser status than we have.

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