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Manhattan, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2013 -- A home is beautiful with the people in it and of course with the décor. There are different ways to decorate a home but with greenery and life inside, a home can get livelier. Gone are the days of paintings and wall hangings. These are the days of unique wall décor items such as those from Daily-Green. They offer designed bowls made up of transparent glass. They are just like any other hangings which can be hung easily but they are different because they have their own environment within. From aquariums to terrariums, these bowls look just like pictures hung on the walls. They are so easy to fix on the wall as well as lift and detach.

Their video on YouTube will help individuals get a better idea about the different wall hanging bowls. These wall décor items are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, washrooms or even office spaces. Adding greenery to the walls enhances the beauty of the wall. One cannot imagine the way these simple bowls can be decorated with real plants. Aquariums on the walls are amazing with crystal clear water enhancing the look of the pebbles and the fish. An individual can create their own décor either with live plants or decorative flowers.

The video is extremely beautiful and thoughtful with mesmerizing ideas about creating wall décor with innumerable things. One can see in the videos how beautifully these plants are accessorized with the help of stones and pebbles. The water world is intricately designed with cute little fish and simple stones and shells. There are cactus plants, creepers, hanging plants, money plants and many more to uniquely decorate the walls.

To get an idea about the various types of wall décor see video on

Daily Green, based at New York is a company that deals with wall décor. They have designed their own bowls made up of transparent glass. Each of these bowls have an environment of its own such as a small garden, an aquarium, hanging plants and many more. These are the most unique wall décor items that one can use to decorate a home or office. They are easy to fix and easy to remove as well.

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