a one-person art show at Indian River Sate College Art Gallery

ENTER INTO a REALM of BEAUTY - Her Paintings. Master Artist Caryl Westergren

Caryl Jean Westergren's splendidly rich artistry will tease your senses and entice your mind. With her captivating use of vibrant colors and sensual textures, her paintings come alive before your eyes.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- By Shirley A. Hammond

About Caryl Jean Westergren
She is at home with art, and art is at home with her. To behold her paintings is to enter into a realm of beauty. To enter her gallery of art is to enjoy an abundant feast for the eyes. To take one of her masterful works home is to possess a lasting image that will provide generations of enjoyment. To possess one of her pieces is to give your family and visitors an entrancing focal point as they relax in the room where it is featured. Wise art connoisseurs have let Caryl Jean Westergren's paintings and sculptures give their walls and floor a statement-making permanent fixture of exquisiteness.

She's been described as a colorist, which the Free Dictionary (online) defines as “A painter skilled in achieving special effects with color.” She shows us a special gifted use of intense colors. There are definite impressionism leanings in Westergren's work, which the same site characterizes as using small brush strokes to achieve special reflected light.

Twice the artist has enjoyed the distinction of showing her work at the faculty Exhibit at The Art Museum of Vero Beach. Various galleries have featured her colorful works of art. The University of Minnesota graduate has guest taught at museums and colleges, as well as served as adjunct professor at Indian River State College. Westergren had a one-person art show at Indian River Sate College Art Gallery . The Mueller Center of IRSC gave her an award for a Solo Art Showing.

She is a figure skater having been in many skating shows. Images of her skating can be found on her website. Also to her credit is experience as a fashion model.

I had to ask her about playing a cameo role in Prince's 1990 movie Graffiti Bridge, which is listed on IMDb as an unofficial sequel to Prince's 1984 movie Purple Rain. Westergren said she was in the setting of a few scenes and was cast as one of Morris Day's girls. “Everyone was nice and professional,” comments Westergren.

Hands of Restoration
Not only does this award-winning prodigy artist make enthralling paintings and sculptures, she is also a skilled conservationist and restorer of historical artifacts and art.

With her vast experience, she knows what it takes to care for a great work of art and preserve its beauty so that generations can enjoy it. She can be trusted with your treasured pieces, as she applies her skill and knowledge to bringing various mediums of art to its former glory and brilliance.

She has also worked with James Liccione on museum and award winning art projects. “I admire his vast artistic talent. He is at the top of this country’s best conservators,” stated Westergren. His original sculpture and art furniture is on http://jamesliccione.com/ .

Liccione was the creator of the Memorial for Harlem Renaissance writer Zora Neale Hurston. Westergren is the designer of the memorial website (see zoranealehurstonmemorial.org). The City of Fort Pierce has bestowed Westergren with an Award of Gratitude.

Explore her gallery and see her paintings and artwork along with pictures of her at http://caryljean.com/ .

For Additional Information Visit the Website at: http://caryljean.com/

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