Innovative New Enhancement for Enterprise Digital Asset Management Services, Sizzlepig


Detroit, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2013 -- Enterprise packages are now available for sizzlepig™, the innovative SaaS/ cloud tool that significantly enhances the efficiencies of Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools.

sizzlepig™ provides an innovative enhancement to Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools, Content Management Systems (CMS) and other digital image asset offerings used Globally by Fortune 1000 Clients and their creative, vendor, Agency and other partners. The extended offering now includes Client side solutions, in addition to the original SaaS model.

This pure-play tool does one thing incredibly well, resizes entire folders of images while allowing for visually controlled fine-tunes, crops, compressions, file naming and 2x selection to meet the needs of the various outputs required on the web, in email, in social media, in tablets, in mobile, in apps and more. sizzlepig™ is a result of years of frustration by it’s creators in batch image production.

About Grit Design, Inc.
Grit Design, Inc. was founded over 4 years ago and is proudly located in downtown Detroit. Grit is centered around both delivering services and products that are of value to the end users and that are beneficial to the Industry. Although Grit is considered a ‘start-up’, execs from some of the largest Digital Agencies in the world founded the Company- coming from Razorfish, Wunderman, Ogilvy and others.

Made by the bootstrapped team at Grit Design, Inc. of creatives and developers to solve their own problems of resizing and fine tuning images. Manually resizing images for a whole site took too much time and scripts and tools didn’t always get the results the team or their Clients needed. The tool made to work for their team is now available to all.

Eric Livingston, the Creative Director at Grit Design commented, “we wanted to spend more time on design and less time in production and have always looked for something that could help. We tried to keep as many functions on a single page as possible and made sure that we had complete visual control over each adjustment. This just didn’t exist before.”

The Enterprise plans allow for creative groups, advertising agencies, marketing departments, photographers, Brands and large teams to align their digital operations and increase their speed to market as they have never before.

The Enterprise launch of sizzlepig™ comes after several months of smaller use Beta testing by users from all over the Globe. The Beta Initially launched with support and direct integration with Dropboxonly, the Enterprise version allows for file inputs and the file outputs to vary dramatically and to be directed by each Client.

sizzlepig™ serves as the middle-man, processing the images, and is able to integrate with a number of sources that are responsible for managing the files throughout their lifecycle, including Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools, Content Management Systems (CMS), Dropbox, other storage sites, internal servers, existing API’s, FTP transfers, and more.

File quality and accessibility are key to successful communications of any type. For sizzlepig™, integration with 3rd party storage clouds allows for co-office accessibility to completed files. “We have to work with teams from various locations and we need access to the correct files when we need them. We also needed to keep pristine source files and standard file names - which haven’t always been consistent”, stated Mark Stewart, the Director of Technology at Grit.

With the extensive volume of digital image assets continuing to increase, the importance of Brand Governance and asset management is paramount. Brands spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year perfecting photo shoots and hiring Advertising Agencies to direct the crop and fine-tune of each image for optimal display. Assets are shared Globally and are often varied in representation from one location to the next. Production facilities are constantly taking the same image asset and modifying for as many as 100 different placements and doing so either using blind scripts or individually. And that’s only for the digital (web, tablet, mobile, etc.) display. I

Imagine taking one image and with one step creating assets for each place that asset will live to represent the Brand. Direct mail, print, dynamically served content, email, banner ads, social media, collateral, POS ,3rd party sites, 3rd party catalogs, and more and for each Global market.

Now, imagine being able to visually control the appearance of each display, down to the pixel. sizzlepig™ can significantly impact operational alignment, providing a strong solution to a challenge that is continuing to increase. Benefiting publishers, media and entertainment, Enterprises, Fortune 1000 companies and those that need to globally distribute digital image assets to multple partners, retail outlets, agencies and consumers.

Key savings will be realized by teams using sizzlepig™.

- Combining work streams and allowing all outputs to be processed from the same image file at one time. (70%+ time savings estimated)
- Selecting the 2x feature and automatically outputting files to support responsive screen requirements.
- Leveraging the folder monitoring which instantly applies all created sizes, fine-tunes and edits to any image added to the monitored folder, including images that replace existing files. (90%+ time savings estimated)
- Although the savings and ROI are exponential, the true value lies in the creative control and in retaining the integrity of the Brand and how it is represented and all within a browser.

Creative and Art directors can now apply the hundreds of hours they previously spent on monotonous production work to strategic thinking and innovation to propel their Client’s business.

Predicted to change the landscape of image production, the offering provides un-paralled quality and speed. sizzlepig™ users will enjoy visually controlled batch image resizing, fine-tuning and cropping, file and name management and integration with the system of their choice.