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Enterprising Professionals Take the Next Step in Career Advancement With the Assistance of MBA Online Guides


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2012 -- Ambitious corporate professionals who are seeking a competitive corner on the job market are finding that higher education provides that extra nudge needed for a big promotion. Like most graduate programs, earning an MBA online degree program will strengthen a resume and open new doors for advancement. Many individuals eve reap the reward that consists of a significant increase in salary.

While pursuing an MBA used to mean that other areas of life would have to suffer or be put on hold, these days busy career oriented people may continue working full or part time in conjunction with advancing their education. As a reliable resource for prospective students, MBA Online Guides offers detailed insight into what to look for when deciding between a traditional or online program, how to find MBA online accredited schools, and academic requirements for admission.

“The option of enrolling in an online MBA program without GMAT scores not only makes these MBA programs more accessible, but it also simplifies the enrollment process and reduces the application costs, since preparing for and taking these graduate entrance examinations is a time-consuming and expensive process,” declares an article on the website.

Students who wish to pursue this highly valuable degree through an online program receive the same perks that are found within a traditional classroom setting, plus the added benefit of a flexible schedule. An MBA online cost is often reasonable and generally takes two years for completion; but one year programs are quickly gaining in popularity and are offered through a number of universities. The accelerated curriculum allows students to fast track their career without having to worry about setting aside family and other commitments for an extended period.

Most MBA online cost may be tailored for those who wish to pursue a career within the healthcare, marketing, accounting, hospitality, sports management, or international business fields. The detailed website also offers prospective students information on what to look for when choosing a program and how to be certain that a program is fully accredited.

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MBA Online Guides provides prospective students with information and resources for accredited online MBA degree programs. The website provides detailed information on admission requirements, specializations within the degree, accreditation, FAQs, career opportunities, and more.