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Entertainment Overexposure: The Effects of Electronic Stimuli at a Young Age


Little Falls, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2017 -- The rapid advancement of technology has lead to rigorous debates by parents, physicians, and researchers alike. With the emergence of affordable cell phones and tablets that have internet capabilities, many childcare centers in Passaic County, NJ, are left divided on whether or not to embrace the technology inside of their educational curriculums. While some schools feel that it's fine to grant young children access to movies, television, and video games, Monarch Montessori School disagrees. The innovative school believes that overexposure to electronics in the early years of a child's life can lead to attention deficits and learning problems later in life.

In their monthly blog, the prestigious Montessori school references a TEDx talk where Dimitri Christakis outlines a few ways that things like television and movies can alter youth behavior between the ages of three and seven. During Dimitri's presentation, he offers conclusions from multiple studies that attribute inattention issues at age seven to electronics exposure that those same research subjects had when they were three years old. The talk also mentions how modern-day children become exposed to television [on average] at four months of age, while in the 1970's most children never watched any TV until they were four years old.

The research clearly outlines that early childhood experiences play a role in shaping an individual throughout their entire life. The foundation of any building is always the most important. Childhood development is the same way. A sturdy, balanced foundation of hands-on learning with puzzles, games, and interactive activities are proven to prevent attention problems later in life. Monarch Montessori School is one of the only childcare establishments in Passaic County, NJ, that discourages electronic entertainment to young kids. Interested parties who'd like to learn more are encouraged to visit

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