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Entitlement Generation, Spoiled Kids, & a Discipline Solution That No One Ever Thought Of


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- On July 8, 2014, 34 year-old single-mother of 3 children Angela Reuss released a three year project that may just be a new way of discipline and education for children.

According to the Clark University Poll of Parents of Emerging Adults:

74% of parents say they provide financial support to their 18-29 year old children.

This could be due to the epidemic among the “Entitlement Generation”. In a recent interview, Angela stated:

“There is a big problem with children feeling entitled today. While it’s not our fault, we as parents were not prepared with this new wave of media. It’s hard to instill core values when we have things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, video games, and whatever next new MTV show that comes out influencing and raising our children. A lot of media is dishing out false information and promises- Not to mention the failure of our educational system to give our children tools needed for the real world. It’s time we step up the way we deliver education in order to synchronize with how our kids are internalizing things nowadays. I’ve found a way to help put a dent in the epidemic of entitlement. My hope is not just to help families have educational discipline, but to also inspire others to create new ways for children learn. After all, they won’t be kids forever. It’s important to teach these baby birds how to fly.”

Chore charts, allowance, punishment, point systems, crafted concoctions, yelling, nagging, pleading, rewards, and even spanking- Parents have tried them all, but in many situations they have still managed to somehow fail.  Something has been missing, and children have seemed to found the loophole in all of them somewhere.

PLAY The Discipline Solution” was created as a resolution to this loophole. It encompasses a new system that motivates children to do chores while teaching life-skills, self-discipline and diminishing entitlement without a cash allowance or spanking. The word PLAY is an acronym for “Planning Life for Active Youngins’”.  This system is a Law, Job & Financial Kit for children that prepares them for the real world. This book and kit is a two-fold piece that achieves a win/win setup for both parents and kids.  While parents win with completed chores, cooperation & good behavior from kids, the kids win by learning life-skills, getting privileges, and gaining independence. Kids are motivated to be responsible; while at the same time; parents have an easy reference point to cut down on arguing & disagreements.

The book and kit have just been released and published to Amazon .  The electronic version of the kit will be available for free for several days in the upcoming weeks.

About Angela Reuss
Angela Reuss (Cincinnati, Ohio) is the new author of "PLAY The Discipline Solution"- a system that motivates children to do chores while teaching life skills and diminishing entitlement without paying a cash allowance or spanking.  She is a single mother of three children and has had multiple careers such as radio host/DJ, photographer and graphic designer.

Angela began working with children at a young age in high school while she studied Child Development.  She has also been a photographer for children, families, weddings & entertainers for 17 years. During her years of working in photography, she went into non-profit sector providing social service to the community. Over the last 4 years, she became a DJ and Radio Host.  Recently, she became a Global Presence Ambassador for the non-profit organization of Parenting 2.0 .

Here life experiences coupled with having her own children, has led to her genius system toolkit titled "P.L.A.Y. The Discipline Solution.”

To learn more about this educational solution, please visit:

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