Entracell Pharmacy, Inc. Launches New Website - entracellpharmacy.com


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- EntraCell Pharmacy, Inc. is excited to introduce their dynamic new website – www.EntraCellPharmacy.com. This new-media approach to the traditional pharmacy gives the customers a convenient option to order and receive their pain management, wound care and scar treatment creams and gels.

EntraCell Pharmacy, Inc.’s VolTopic line of pain management, wound care and scar treatment creams and gels are an exciting and aggressive approach to skin care and pain management issues. EntraCell Pharmacy not only strives for the advancement of their customers’ well being, but also holds themselves to the highest of standards in providing superior service. Within the “Contact Us” portal at www.EntraCellPharmacy.com, customer’s concerns and requests will be addressed directly in the EntraCell Pharmacy customer service center. Physicians can also contact EntraCell directly through the Contact page.

Also at www.EntraCellPharmacy.com, people will find in-depth, detailed descriptions of EntraCell Pharmacy’s specialty pain management, wound care and scar treatment creams and gels.

EntraCell Pharmacy, Inc., can accept faxed prescriptions from the pharmacist at the number listed below. A member of the EntraCell team will then verify coverage and payment. A pharmacist will review the information, and if all requirements are met, the prescription will be filled. The prescription then will be shipped directly to the customer. If necessary, EntraCell associates are able to assist patients in locating physicians authorized to prescribe their products.

EntraCell Pharmacy’s products offer relief from joint, back, neck, and shoulder pain. They offer solutions for many sports related injuries, such as tennis elbow, sore knees and lower back pain. EntraCell Pharmacy also provides solutions for unsightly acne scars, as well as wound care products. The creams and gels available address both acute and chronic treatment issues.


PHONE: 800-299-9047
FAX: 800-667-6079