Entrec Corp

Entrec Owns One of the Largest Picker Trucks in Western Canada

Being in the know about the company who can give the best picker services in Alberta Canada is an advantage. Entrec Corporation provides the largest picker services in town. They have different crane trucks that are suitable in different kinds of needs for every customer. From 3 up to 45 tons lifting capacity they can commit. For better understanding of their services see the list below.


Spruce Grove, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- All Terrain Cranes are ideal on both off road and construction and industrial project. It has built frames with two-man, full width carrier cabs of composite structure (steel sheet metal and fiber glass), windshield of laminated safety glass with windshield wipers and washers, sliding side windows of hardened safety glass and adjustable seats with safety belts and headrests.

Crawler Crane is a type of mobile crane available with either a telescopic or lattice boom that moves upon crawler tracks. As a self-propelled crane, it is able to move around a site and perform jobs without much set-up.

Rough Terrain Cranes are subclass of a hydraulic crane. A self-propelled crane mounted on an undercarriage with four rubber tires, rough terrain cranes are specifically designed to operate on off-road and rough applications and surfaces. Designed specifically for pick-and-carry operations, the rough terrain crane is used for building bridges, operations in power and chemical plants and refineries and for large-scale construction projects.

Boom Truck is a flatbed truck or a truck tractor with a multiple-section boom crane used for the loading and transporting of different materials.

Carry Deck Self-Propelled Industrial Cranes are ideal for lifting applications requiring a compact, low-profile crane that will clear overhead obstructions and maneuver in tight spaces.

What was listed above is just a part of the services that Entrec can give. Entrec is the most trusted transportation company when it comes to safety and has been a member and recognized by these Associations: ISN, CQN, ComplyWorks, PICS Member, COR Certified and SCRA.

Entrec draws from an extensive fleet of trucks, trailers and cranes in its inventory and is an industry leader throughout western Canada. As a result of their extensive fleet offering, ENTREC has positioned itself as a top tier provider of specialized heavy lift and heavy haul services. They also provide storage, legal load and hot shot services. Everything that you need in finding the best transportation company Entrec can provide.

About Entrec Corporation
Entrec Corporation specializes in the transportation (over the road and on site), loading, off-loading, setting and rigging of overweight and oversized cargo within the oil and gas, construction, petro-chemical, mining and power generation industries. The keys to our success are the experience, professionalism and capabilities of our people. They offer Heavy Haul Conventional, Heavy Haul Platform, Picker Truck Services, Engineering & Logistics, Jack & Roll Services, Other Services