EntrenaDiferente.com Revitalizes Personal Training Experience in Madrid with Holistic Body-Mind-Spirit Approach


Madrid, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- Entrena Diferente, the team of personal training specialists in Madrid, launches their website EntrenaDiferente.com and wishes to reach out to a wider audience in order to get them on board the holistic body-mind-spirit approach to personal training. As their name states, a different kind of training that involves not just the physical aspects but also the mental stamina and inner will power would be provided to the client through the professional and dedicated personal trainers.

Madrid, Spain – Entrena Diferente takes center stage in Madrid with their personal training vision and philosophy. They believe that a holistic approach to training is needed in order to achieve the maximum results. Whether it’s building up muscles, losing weight, or just establishing a healthier lifestyle, Entra is ready and driven to advise and deliver.

Of the people who take up any kind of wellness and fitness program, only 30% achieve the desired results. Of these 30%, 8 out of 10 had hired a personal trainer. In Madrid, especially, which is one of the foremost and most beautiful cities in Spain, and where the youth culture predominates, looking and feeling your best is always important.

As suggested boldly in their name, Entrena Diferente is different. They are not your ordinary group of personal trainers in Madrid. To them, what matters most are their clients and the achievement of their health and fitness objectives. The results are not only verifiable, they are also quantifiable. Of all the personal trainers in Madrid, Entra is a cut above the rest.

The philosophy that Entrena Diferente stands by is holistic. They do not just focus on the body—they believe that training the mind into holding on to the vision of the goal, and the spirit into keeping up the will to go on, is just as important. That is why people who hire a personal trainer almost always succeed. This approach is the way to go when seeking a new you.

“As experts, we will make certain that clients would undergo a different training experience that is sure to make an impact on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We offer the whole gamut of services, from helping men and women bulk up and develop or tone their muscles, to sculpting and restructuring the shape of the whole body through focused, centralized personal training.”

Anyone wishing for a whole new experience in personal training should contact Entra through their website, www.EntrenaDiferente.com.