Entrepreneur Handbook Offers Expert Advice from Experienced Entrepreneurs in Many Business Fields


Chichester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- The Entrepreneur Handbook is a new website that offers business professionals expert advice in many different business areas. The information available on the site comes directly from experienced professionals in a variety of fields. The owners of Entrepreneur handbook revealed their site and were quick to point out that theirs is not a site that offers recycled information or a rehashing of advice. In fact, with the exception of the News section, all of the information on the site has been provided by experts in their respective fields who provided the information specifically for the site and its readers.

The information offered on the site not only comes from industry experts but from individuals and organizations in positions of authority. This means that readers who come to the website for information can trust not only the information but its sources as well. Visitors to the site will find a great deal of information on the site’s home page. Here they will find a list of all the categories under which information is provided along the top navigation bar. They can navigate to any one of these category pages or first browse the information available on the home page. This information is offered in a simple listing as visitors scroll down the page. Each article is clearly marked with a descriptive title and the first few sentences of the article are visible to let the reader know a bit about the article’s subject. Clicking on the title of the article or the “Read More” link will take the reader to the full article.

These home page particles cover a variety of topics from different categories, but if the site visitor wants to narrow their search to a specific topic they have several categories to choose from. These include Sales & Marketing, Finance & Investment, Legal, Technology and Startups. Within each category there are sub categories with articles that deal only with the topics in that category. As with the articles on the home page, all of the articles in individual business category sections present a brief preview and a simple click gets the full article.

The website also features a News section that presents the latest news from many different business categories. These news items cover important and relevant topics that are of great interest to today’s business professionals.

All of the information on the site is designed to inform and educate business professionals and give them the knowledge they need to navigate the pitfalls and challenges of the modern economy. One of the more important sections of the site is the Startups section that covers topics important to any entrepreneur who is starting a new business from the ground up.

Those who want to learn more can visit the Entrepreneur Handbook website by navigating to or they can reach a company representative by using the simple form on the website’s “Contact & Feedback” page. Entrepreneur Handbook also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.