Entrepreneur Makes Sideburns Useful – Solving Common Workplace Dilemma

Sideburns. Face hair last made popular by The Foo Fighter’s David Grohl. But while these types of sideburns are impractical for most of us, this new sideburn by Stephen Mark is one you are going to find indispensable.


Salt Lake City, Utah -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2012 -- Stephen Mark had a problem. He kept missing important texts on his iPhone when he was working on his iMac. It is, in fact a common problem. We become so focussed, so intent on what is on the screen that we can forget to check our iPhone lying on the desk or stuck in our pant pocket.

Or, something even more inefficient and distracting - knowing we are expecting a call or text, resulting in us breaking off from our work to check our phones. Many computer users have admitted to doing this up to ten times an hour. That's a lot of disruption to our thought processes, our work and our productivity.

True, there are docks you can use but most of these are too intrusive, too ugly and frankly take up too much of our precious desk space. So Mark came up with a solution, the Sideburn.

The Sideburn is a patented, high-grade aluminum phone stand that has been designed to attach directly to iMacs and Macbooks internally. The Sideburn is the first ever accessory designed in this way.

With the Sideburn, you can bring your iPhone or other Smart phone directly up to your eye level while working on an iMac or Macbook, making your phone an extension of your iMac screen. This means you can easily monitor calls and texts while working. No more random phone checking and no more disruption to your working day.

Keeping in line with the aesthetics of iMacs and Macbooks, the Sideburn has a minimalistic design and becomes almost invisible when it is supporting a phone. It doesn't take up any desk space because it docks directly into your iMac. The Sideburn's dock has been designed with a shortened SD piece to ensure it rests almost flush with the Mac's aluminum surface.

Once you've inserted the dock you can adjust it both horizontally and vertically to your desired viewing angle, then tighten the dock pin to secure it into place. Because the Sideburn is made from aluminum it looks great next to your Mac whether it is carrying a phone or not.

The Sideburn can fit both left and right SD card slots and so it works with most Macs*. What's more, because it takes up no desk space and fit neatly into your Mac, you even have room to charge up your phone whilst you work using the standard 30-pin syncing/charging cable.

"Managing work and calls is so much easier with the Sideburn. I couldn't believe no-one had thought of it before!"

Mark is now seeking investors via the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter to help fund the development of the Sideburn. Mark says "We only need to sell about 1000 units to make this product a reality... we can do it Kickstarter!"

To find out more about the Sideburn, to see the Sideburn in action or get involved in this Kickstarter project click here for the Sideburn.

About Stephen Mark
Stephen Mark has over ten years of product management and development in an array of product categories. He also has extensive experience in designing and launching new product lines for large customers and retailers and an ultimate love for tech, toys, and associated products.

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