The CoasterDad Project

Entrepreneur Takes Reality TV Approach to Teaching Science & Math

While many reality tv programs exploit weaknesses and unhealthy traits, Online Videos celebrate creativity and collaboration while teaching "Physics, Family, and Fun"


Orinda, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- Will Pemble's science education website has gone viral. Pemble's YouTube Channel and website chronicle the adventures of the now-famous backyard roller coaster builder Will Pemble, who designs and builds these privately owned amusement rides. While Pemble is the anchor, or host, of the show, the cast of characters varies from one episode to the next. Pemble's son, Lyle, an avid roller coaster fan and veritable encyclopedia of theme park trivia, contributes his expertise, leading site walks with other kids, and making design recommendations to his dad. " started when Lyle asked me to build a roller coaster in our back yard. I loved the challenge and the adventure of the project. Even more, I was amazed at the endless fascination kids had about the project. We turned our backyard into a worldwide physics classroom with kids lining up for learning," said Pemble about the genesis of

Seen online at, The CoasterDad Project provides entertaining and engaging episodes, with viewer counts growing steadily from week to week.

Looking deeper, Pemble's creation has also struck a chord with proponents of #EdTech (Education Technology), and #PBL (Project Based Learning) organizations worldwide. As more and more education becomes available online, opportunities to apply those learnings in the real world are increasingly valuable to parents, teachers, and students.

Erin Klein, an award winning educator, author, and mother who has been twice selected to serve on the Scholastic, Inc. Top Teaching Team based in New York explains, "Students are naturally curious about their world. When they're able to engage with projects that interest them, the learning becomes so much more than a task. It becomes a memorable experience!"

Worldwide attention from Good Morning America,,, and countless other Internet and television media have more than validated Pemble's concept. "I never thought I'd be a science teacher, especially on this scale. It's the most rewarding work I've ever done," said Pemble.

About The CoasterDad Project
The CoasterDad Project was founded by ecommerce consultant Will Pemble. The organization teaches elementary math and science concepts to kids through exciting projects including the design and construction of backyard roller coasters.