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Entrepreneurs Announce Milestone of $1,000,000 in Sales Of Custom Shirts Online


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- ShirtsMyWay.com, a specialized online retailer focusing solely on custom dress shirts has reached $1,000,000 in sales. Michael Yang, cofounder of ShirtsMyWay.com speaks out on how they reached the milestone:

“By being obsessed about getting great fitting dress shirts to anyone who uses ShirtsMyWay.com no matter how they are built, we’ve managed to get thousands of loyal customers who now use ShirtsMyWay as their home for dress shirts.” Cofounder, Peter Crawfurd, continues “thanks to these loyal customers ShirtsMyWay.com has grown to become one of the leading dress shirt retailers online with $1 million in sales.”

The website, which launched in 2009, lets its customers design their own custom tailored dress shirts by using an interactive model. Visitors can design their own dress shirts using the interactive model by visiting the website: http://www.shirtsmyway.com.

“We knew that custom dress shirts were a popular luxury choice offline, but prices were often over $250 for one dress shirt. By bringing this online at the same quality level yet at a more affordable price point we met a large underserved demand,” Michael Yang states.

While many men need custom dress shirts for work and other occasions, buying shirts off the rack at department stores can be difficult. Since every man’s body is different, it can be hard to get a shirt that truly fits well.

This problem is solved at ShirtsMyWay.com, where each shirt is broken down into several components. Customers provide their own measurements, and then work with the interactive model to design their shirt by selecting various types and colors of fabric and putting them onto the different parts of the shirt. When the customer is satisfied with the result, ShirtsMyWay then does the rest of the work.

By taking into account all of the choices of color, fabric, and design selections, ShirtsMyWay offers its customers over 7 trillion possible shirts from which to choose.

“You have the option to design classic dress shirts or eclectic fusions,” an article on the website noted, adding that men can combine a variety of colors such as white, black, blue, brown, or pink to create a vibrant dress shirt that customers can claim as their unique one of a kind creation.

“You can quickly customize the collar, cuffs, buttons, buttonholes, monogram, and many more details. Whether you are thinking of words like oxford, cotton, plain, striped, french cuff, button down, slim fit, formal, or business shirts, they all match our style spectrum.”

Clicking on the “Design My Shirt” tab at the top of the home page brings up a section that includes the fabric choices as well as the interactive shirt model. A thumbnail image of each type of fabric is included as well as a description and pricing information.

When it comes time to enter in the measurements, customers can either ask a friend or spouse to help get the accurate figures by using a guide that is provided by the website, or they can also take a shirt from their closet that fits well and get a new shirt with the exact same fit.

About ShirtsMyWay.com
ShirtsMyWay.com was launched in 2009 by Michael Yang and Peter Crawfurd. ShirtsMyWay offers an experience that lets you design your own custom dress shirts in detail using an interactive model. You also take a few measurements and you'll get shirts that fit and are designed by you. For more information, please visit http://www.shirtsmyway.com