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Entrepreneur's New Book Unleashes Bold Plan to Rid Africa of Poverty; Urging Continent's Governments to Shift to Export-Oriented Economies

In ‘Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade with the World’, author and entrepreneur John Akhile has devised a convincing and credible blueprint to ending Africa’s economic challenges. Citing governmental competitive ineptitude as the most aggressive cause of Africa’s poverty, Akhile asks all African and international businesses, as well as those responsible for state affairs, to read ‘Unleashed’ and discover how Africa has the power to become a major competitive player in global trade.


Durham, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- Without the glamor of Bono’s sunglasses and the U2 frontman’s millions, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to get a word in edgewise about Africa. The continent’s challenges often seem insurmountable and best left to celebrities or politicians. However, entrepreneur and author, John Akhile knows that it is precisely this lack of grass-roots efforts that has led to Africa being run by inept governments and corrupt leaders.

Akhile has fused his studies and first-hand experience to create a formula to kick-start transformational change and the economic prospects of the continent. ‘Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade with the World’ lays out a plan for African countries to shift their structure to that of an export-related economy. By doing so, the skills of hundreds of millions can be utilized as African nations establish themselves in world trade.

It may strike some as bold to assume that one person’s book can affect the outcome of an entire continent. But Akhile knows there is no time to waste.

Official Synopsis:

“Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade with the World” is a socio-political-economic discourse of how to rid African countries of the scourge of poverty. The suggested structural shift is to convert African countries to export-oriented economies. The book discusses the subject through the lens of trade and development. It is a three-part narrative.

In the first section, the book looks at the main reason for the core challenges facing African countries. It reviews some historical context of Africa in global trade, including the dominance of Western chartered companies in the medieval era. It examines the effect of the clash of cultures on Africa and how the technical superiority in weapons, transportation, navigation and superior cultural order overwhelmed Africa.

In the second section, the book reviews the rise of Asian Tigers and analyzes the relevance and transferability of specific qualities in the rise of Tiger economies to African countries. Particular attention is given to the phenomenal transformation of China and the decisions that led to it.

In part three, the book reviews a series of opportunities to transform the economies of African countries. It analyzes the institutions and policies necessary to create competitive societies. It challenges African leaders to address the fissures of service delivery and dependability as well as the legal framework necessary to assure safety of capital in their economies. Finally, the section shares information about trade and financial engineering models that will increase the flow of industrial projects to every country.

“The basic concept of this structural shift breaks down into a series of smaller societal and cultural changes,” explains Akhile. “For example, the economy will only develop in the long-term if people are driven by a desire to serve rather than quickly profit. Equally, decision makers in Africa need to want to change, knowing that a newly-structured society will open the floodgates to the African people eventually creating a prosperous society for themselves.”

Continuing, “While I believe fervently that my plan will work, it is important to note that it is still just the first step in a much grander design. Crucially, these first steps are so simple that African leaders won’t be able to avoid questions as to why they haven’t followed them. These leaders have a fiduciary duty to serve the best interests of their people, and they would be foolish to not want to foster entrepreneurship and increase their own global status.”

The book has already attracted critical acclaim. For example Professor Ron Dart of Political Science at the University of the Fraser Valley, BC Canada, comments, "John Akhile has written well and wisely about the need for responsible captains on the ship of state to sail across the political waters in a safe and just manner. Do read this challenging book and weigh, judiciously, Akhile's cogent and poignant arguments--the future of Africa hinges on hearing the insights of Akhile.”

Akhile is confident that the influence of this new African society will transcend its continental borders.

“Economic revolution in Africa is the key to a better future for all concerned – not just the citizens of its borders. Competition from elsewhere will drive Western governments to improve how they manage their relationships with African countries, just as Africa can then heal its own poverty, affording citizens new opportunities that will see them prosper. I’m now looking for global support to help put this plan into action,” he adds.

‘Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade with the World’ makes a game changing read for businesses/decision makers in Africa and around the world.

For more information, visit: http://unleashafricantrade.com.

About John Akhile
The Author, John Akhile, is a man of varied entrepreneurial accomplishment in several fields. His range of interest includes fields as diverse from one another as; international trade, real estate and restaurants, demonstrating his keen interest in international affairs and in the cultural underpinnings of society. In many respects he is as a true “Renaissance” man because he has great depth of knowledge and command in many diverse fields. However his central passion has been the African continent and people, having concentrated on the issues hindering development and growth in African countries for more than more three decades. It has led to one self-published book and “Unleashed.”