Environet Increase Awareness of Japanese Knotweed Growth on Construction Sites


Cobham, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2017 -- Awareness of Japanese knotweed and the problems associated with it is gradually increasing thanks to the work of Japanese knotweed removal specialists, Environet. The non-native plant may look ornamental but is actually an aggressive unwanted enemy that can cause structural damage to property. This can cause ongoing problems if it is not removed properly, as it will continue to spread rapidly.

Herbicide treatments may make Japanese knotweed appear to be dead, but this is not sufficient to kill the underground rhizome system. If the rhizome system is not killed or removed the knotweed will continue to grow and spread. Environet's unique and patented Xtractâ„¢ solution removes the rhizome without having to remove all the soil from site. Insurance backed guarantees, underwritten by an "A" rated syndicate at Lloyd's are provided on all Xtractâ„¢ projects.

Educating people about how to identify Japanese knotweed has been central to increasing awareness. Japanese knotweed can be identified by a number of distinctive features. Look out for shoots that appear red or purple in colour and grow into green stems resembling bamboo. Leaves appear flat and heart-shaped, and in full bloom, Japanese knotweed has tiny off-white flowers. If you think you have a plant like this on your construction site, get in touch with Environet to remove it before you begin the construction process.

Nic Seal, MD of Environet, explained what steps to take if Japanese knotweed is found on your construction site: "Japanese knotweed discovered on construction sites can cause serious construction delays and be costly to remove. If you spot it you should quarantine the area to prevent any unauthorised access into the area. You should avoid any disturbance of the ground in the area. You should then call in specialists to deal with the problem We offer a free knotweed identification service, send photos to expert@environetuk.com and our team will be able to tell you whether the suspect plant is Japanese knotweed and provide you with advice and a quotation for removing the knotweed from your construction site."

Specialist advice and assistance is required for the efficient removal of Japanese knotweed. For a free, no obligation quote or for advice about identifying knotweed on your premises, contact the experts at Environet UK Ltd on 01932 868 700 or for Japanese knotweed removal visit www.environetuk.com.