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Environmental Heat Solutions Warns That Ignoring Bed Bugs Can Be Expensive for Landlords

A landmark ruling in a bed bug case is reason to be cautious, says Environmental Heat Solutions.


Purcellville, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- Environmental Heat Solutions announces, as a warning to other landlords, that a preliminary ruling has been granted in a Des Moines bed bug case. A class action lawsuit has gone through; roughly $2.45 million dollars has been awarded to residents of Elsie Mason Manor and Ligutti Tower, who struggled with bed bugs in their apartments since nearly 2007.

“This should be a warning for all other landlords out there to not ignore suspected bed bug infestations, but to address them right away,” a representative from Environmental Heat Solutions said. “Bed bugs are a scourge that needs to be treated as quickly as possible in order to avoid huge problems. The residents of Elsie Mason Manor and Ligutti Tower suffered for far too long with very little recourse, resulting in a pricey lawsuit.”

One man was bitten in the evening and had to go to the emergency room because his leg swelled up. The company that owns the apartments, American Baptist Homes of the Midwest, calls the bed bug infestation “a very unfortunate incident.”

“It’s unusual to hear of such startling responses to bed bug bites. Nonetheless, we advise landlords to investigate reports of bed bugs right away,” the representative from Environmental Heat Solutions went on to say. “Residents not only end up having bites – even if they are non-allergic reactions – but end up living with the stigma of having bed bugs, and will be unhappy tenants, if they remain as tenants at all.”

Nearly 300 individuals will be eligible for payouts from the issue. Roughly 200 have filed a claim for a payout, and Environmental Heat Solutions encourages eligible individuals to file for remuneration as soon as possible.

“Nobody should have to live with bed bugs for years,” the representative said. “This ruling is a landmark and should get the attention of landlords across the country. Leaving bed bugs to develop without prompt attention could end up costing them big money. We want to warn landlords to deal with bed bugs right away. It’s also important for tenants to stand up for their rights when it comes to demanding bed bug treatment.”

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