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Environmentalist Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for a Free Energy Documentary


Makawao, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2016 -- Daniel Green is looking to build support and raise funds for a free energy documentary and prototype, that focuses on important environmental topics such as the high amount of water consumed to process oil into fossil fuels and how this water can be used to create clean energy. Daniel took the initiative to set up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which is one of the most popular crowdfunding campaign platforms for these types of projects. The campaign has a funding goal of at least $10,000 USD to be raised within the next two months.

Environmental changes and their impact should be an important issue for all people. Raising awareness and taking action are the needs of the moment; and Daniel wants to accomplish the same with his project "Ignite- Spark the Revolution". His aim is to educate people about the hazardous effects of water consumption by the oil and energy industry. He believes that by shedding light onto these issues, people will be motivated to use clean renewable abundant free energy. He wants to show the world how water can be fuel.

In his project pitch, Daniel writes: "The film brings awareness to how much water the Energy Industry currently uses and how devastating it is to our planet. The film will also expose water fueled vehicle suppression and ends with a call to action. Most people do not realize for over a hundred years, numerous inventors have created multiple ways to run our vehicles on water. The general public does not seem to understand how much water is consumed to process the oil into fossil fuels."

The documentary will also build on the idea of using water as fuel, which has been discussed at length in Daniels e-book How Water Can Be Used as Fuel. The book explains in great detail how the technology- developed by Mr. Green Energy LLC- works and how the idea of free energy is possible through water spark plugs. The book edifies how through atmospheric water generation we can convert water into fuel for anyone, anywhere on the planet emission free. According to the company, the spark plugs perform electrolysis on water-creating Hydrogen and Oxygen. The Hydrogen is combined with Nitrogen extracted from the atmosphere for free clean sustainable gaseous NH3 fuel on demand.

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About Daniel Green
Daniel Green, founder and CEO of Mr. Green Energy LLC. Daniel is an avid environmentalist and humanitarian, inventor and a leader in the fight against dependence on fossil fuels.

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Daniel Green
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