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Envision Eye Care Protects the Eyes of Marion, VA

New BluTech Lenses Reduce Blue Light Exposure


Cedar Bluff, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2015 -- Envision Eye Care, a Marion, Virginia practice with a local reputation for innovative, patient centered care, proudly introduces one of the most important innovations in Blue Light protection in the optometric world today, Blutech lenses.

The threat to a person's eye health posed by blue light has been well documented in recent years, with many professionals in the eye care world advising on how to best prevent both short and long term damage to one's eyes. Dr. Susan Keene, of Envision Eye Care explains, "Because we live in an incredibly advanced time, when computers and smartphones are everywhere around us, each of us, on average, spends roughly 25 hours every week staring at the screen of one of our electronic devices. To put that another way, this means that each of us spends more than an entire day, without sleeping, in front of devices that emit blue light. Unfortunately, the blue light these devices emit has been linked to serious damage to our visual and ocular systems. Common side effects of overexposure to blue light include eyestrain, headaches, fatigue and insomnia. Recent studies indicate further that blue light exposure has the potential to increase risk of macular degeneration significantly over time. Children are especially vulnerable, because they have larger pupils and shorter arms than adults. Kids, therefore, hold their electronics closer to their face, and absorb more blue light through their enlarged pupils. Fortunately, an amazing cutting edge technological solution to this serious issue does exist, Blutech Lenses.

BluTech Lenses are special lenses specifically designed to selectively filter out blue light, enhancing visual comfort and minimizing eyestrain. These lenses boast a special state-of-the-art filtering agent within the lens material itself that duplicates elements in the eye, called ocular lens pigment and melanin, which the body naturally produces on its own, and which help filter out just the right amount of blue light entering the eye to protect against unfettered blue light penetration, while allowing proper visual contrast.