Envy Recline Series - the New All-in-One Touch PC Experience by HP


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- HP has always been one of the best brands for PCs, laptops and tablets. Over the recent years, it has dominated a huge chunk of the tech-market. Recently, the new recline touchsmart PCs have been released and have been labeled to be the next big thing. The HP Envy Recline is surely one-of-a-kind and tends to trigger the attention of people in a single glance. The All-in-One Pcs are said to offer one of the best and the most natural touch experiences ever. Moreover, the fact that these tabletops can be reclined and adjusted accordingly in a horizontal position gives all the more reason to people for purchasing them for personal use in the long run.

The natural touch experience is undoubtedly enhanced and taken to a whole new level which is yet to be offered by any other high-end PC brand in the market these days. The ‘reclines’ are equipped with the latest technology and features which include NVIDIA graphics and Intel Haswell Processors. When it comes to the important matter of screen sizes, they are available in 23- and 27-inch sizes for the utmost convenience of all individuals. For people who are not really aware, the ‘recline’ 27 arrives with built in NFC technology which makes it entirely easy for people to share files and other material with other devices in the long run.

The four kinds of ‘reclines’ are rather unique and different from each other in some ways. The envy recline 23 is available currently at the total cost of $1,699 whereas the envy recline 23 beats edition is going to be available in around November, 2013. The only difference between two is the fact that one arrives with signature Beats Audio headset. Envy recline 27 is surely not something to miss out since it is now available at all the authorized resellers at the total price of $2,499. The Pavillion 23m touch monitor is yet to be announced but will be undoubtedly available in the market by October, 2013.

According to many users and reviews, the recline series is by far the most affordable, high-end and convenient touch display which has been created for the ultimate convenience of buyers from all over the world. The HP recline 23 with recline 27 are both equipped with the 4th generation Intel Core i-series processors. The touchscreen is full HD, which is what all the touch-users want in the first place, thus making the HP recline series a perfect option for future purchase.

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