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EOEM Company Limited Wholesales Various Utility-Products for Mobile Devices

EOEM Company Limited is a Chinese wholesale company that specialises in production of leather cases, external batteries and ear phones for mobile devices.


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- Mobile devices, especially smartphones have become essential tools for people in the present age. People in most developed and developing countries rely heavily on mobile devices to communicate and search for information. However, modern devices are delicate as they are stylishly built. Besides, power supply has been an issue for smartphone users since its introduction. EOEM Company Limited is a wholesaler of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) goods and supplies products to many renowned mobile companies in the World. It manufactures earphone, external battery, mobile leather case, jack, USB device and other utility-based products. EOEM Company Limited supplies and/or is capable to supply products to nearly every inhabited country in the world.

EOEM Company Limited has full-fledged online existence. In fact, that is why it has E added to OEM in its name. The company has a simple ecommerce website where products can be searched, selected and ordered as conveniently as on any retail online shopping website. Payment for the purchase has been simplified and made convenient with the inclusion of several options. Skrill, PayPal, MoneyGram and Western Union are the money transfer modes that the company accepts in addition to bank transfers. EOEM supplies products as they are manufactured for their respective companies. Even the warranty offered on the products are same as that offered by manufacturers. In other words, it is only an online resource that facilitates purchase of OEM products by wholesalers or individuals.

Among the many products that EOEM Company Limited sells, PowerBank is of immense significance. There have been many innovations to supply power and retain it in smartphones. Solar cells and additional battery are some of the examples of attempt made by various third-party companies. PowerBank is an external battery that can supply power to smartphones without the need of fitting it inside. It is available in various forms such as covers, cases and external units. They are extremely helpful for people who travel regularly. Chargers, wireless receivers and a whole range of related equipment can be found at the website of the wholesaler.

Apart from the utility-based products, EOEM Company Limited also sells entertainment accessories such as earphone. The shipment is made via TNT, Post HongKong, EMS, DHL, FedEx and UPS. Being the supplier of OEM products, the company assures top quality as the products are the same that are sold as original brands. The products sold at the online wholesale store are competitively priced so that suppliers and wholesalers get maximum benefit of purchasing in bulk online. Return of defective goods is accepted and the product is shipped again after repair.

About EOEM Company Limited
EOEM Company Limited specialises in wholesale of parts and utility accessories of mobile devices. The company is based in Yousong Technology Building at Longhua Donghuan in Shenzhen district of Guangdong province in China. It accepts order from and supplies products to every country in the World.

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