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Eoscene: Continuing to Improve Health Through the Compliance Management System


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2017 -- As technology continues to improve, so are the machines used to help people with health problems health is something that EoScene takes highly into consideration. Through the modern ways that EoScene offers, people can now see easily what are the problems occurring with the health of their loved ones and they can create immediate action on it before it's too late.

Eoscene has created the compliance management system so that it can help in monitoring what the patient feels and what other options can be done to minimize the risk of the patient getting worse. The technology that Eoscene provides enables the health care providers to make sure that the quality is improved as well as the reliability, safety, and compliance when it comes to patient care. One can be sure that the effectiveness, transparency and the efficiency of the health care delivery systems can be fully trusted and that the results are amazing. The web bsed solutions that Eoscene offers helps the health care providers in giving the best care for the patients that they have.

How Eoscene Aims To Improve Health Care Services

As Eoscene has stated, it has created a compliance management system to help make things easier both for the health care provider and for the patient as well. This works online and is very easy to use and understand. There is the eCMS™ Healthcare Software Solutions that helps in bring the next level of automation when it come to management, assessment and the standardization of the safety, environment-of-care, and quality administration. The main goal is to get rid of the long and tedious manual processes that hinders the overall experience of the patient. The various products that Eoscene offers is an attest to how serious the company wants to improve the health care services.

AssureTemp for eCMS is there to log the temperature as well as monitor them for inventory as well as for the safety of the patients. This helps in preserving the revenue and at the same time reduces the inventory loss and improves the quality, mitigates the risk, supports the standardization and of course, makes sure that the staff is well equipped and efficient. There is a fast ROI done through accurate, efficient and accessible monitoring of the temperature when most needed. There is also the HusHCAHPS for eCMS that monitors the noise levels so that the patient is more comfortable. This in turn helps increase the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) score, since the patient feels safe and secure with the environment. If the noise exceeds a certain limit, the system then notifies the staff through email, text and so on. In case the issue isn't addressed immediately then escalation notices are sent.

About Eoscene
Eoscene is a team of skilled experts who aim to improve the health care services of the modern world. With the help of the world wide web and the modern technology, they want to achieve control and monitoring of patients for their loved ones. It is often a problem to not be there by the side of your loved one in such critical times, but with the help of the modern techniques which Eoscene provides, it is now easier to monitor and see possible risks of patients.

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