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Epic Fantasy Fans Get Paperback Coupons All Month at Author Blog

During January Tracy Falbe is releasing coupon codes for all 9 of her fantasy paperbacks as part of her celebration of print books at her blog Her Ladyship’s Quest.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- On January 9th author Tracy Falbe announced the first coupon code in her month-long paperback appreciation series at her blog Her Ladyship’s Quest. Readers will receive 15 percent off her epic fantasy paperback Rys Rising: Book I when they shop at Createspace and enter discount code EHJ77M8M at checkout.

Falbe knows many readers remain devoted to printed books. Even though most of her income comes from selling ebooks, she also produces all of her novels as paperbacks. Throughout January she will be releasing new coupon codes, publishing book excerpts, and writing blog posts about books in her own print collection that are special to her.

A long excerpt from Rys Rising: Book I is available at her blog where the coupon code was published on Thursday. She describes Rys Rising: Book I as a sumptuous fantasy with a large cast of characters. It launches a war between two magical races the rys and tabre and follows the humans that are loyal to each side. One of the main characters is Amar, a ruined young man with a hard heart who becomes a warlord in the service of his magical rys mistress Onja.

The excerpt at her blog reveals the scene when Amar saves Urlen from a slow death at the Sky Temple. These men will become great friends and conquer many peoples through the combination of their ruthless talents.

This snippet from the 1,500 word excerpt shows the fateful moment when Amar reaches his decision.

Amar had initially thought to end the man’s suffering with a merciful blow, but now that he looked at him, he changed his mind.

“I would free him,” he said.

“Preem will punish you,” Cybar warned.

Amar dismissed the threat of Preem’s ire. “I seek no forgiveness for anything that I have done. One more thing will not matter,” he said and then looked to Onja, seeking her opinion.

She came beside the altar. “Free him,” she concurred.

One online review for this novel at Amazon called it a “work of art” and another fan at the Barnes & Noble Nook store wrote, “Everything is here. Magic. World Building. Multidimensional character. Pathos. Conflict.”

About Rys Rising: Book I
Rys Rising: Book I is a 404 page 6 x 9 inch trade paperback with ISBN 978-0976223573. The paperback is also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online, but coupon code EHJ77M8M for 15 percent off only works at Createspace that is the printer of the paperback for all outlets.