Epic Sexy You – The One Book to Look out for This Year


Oak Park, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2016 -- Morgan Field is an award winning life coach who has encapsulated the essence of life in the pages of her book "Epic Sexy You". While the name says it all, the book embodies the free spirit of the woman that she is herself. Her mantra remains "no limits, no rules", as she continues to be a soulpreneur – allowing millions of women to reach within themselves and tame their own demons, as they unleash their full potential and become the guiding force of their own lives.

In a world that bounds us from the moment that we gasp our first breath, Morgan is set out to break free from the dictums of society as she channels her spirit from within to indulge in escapades that don't fall short of jumping out of planes, swimming with sharks, or deluging her veins with adrenaline. This book, offers the chance for women to connect with their divine being within, and to truly add the luster of their seraphic being to a life where self priority and self love is of utmost importance.

Epic Sexy You is not like other self help books that promise a life of fake happiness that is gauged by social media presence; rather it empowers the soul and frees the mind through the anecdotes of Morgan's own life, as she hashes out the details of introspection in a way that remains full of laughter and exuberance.

Avril Marchegiano, a Holistic Therapy Practitioner for Animals, said "Imagine a world full of Epic Sexy Goddesses! That's the world I want to live in. That's the world that this book will help to build." This book will take its readers on a journey to create their own "Epic Sexy You" as Field's positivity will serve as a manifestation of the raw nature of "carpe diem".

About Shawna Burkhart
Shawna Burkhart, the Executive Life Coach and Psychotherapist at 'The Honest Edge', recommends the book to all her clients in the words "Morgan is massively positive but she's also the real deal. Officially on the 'must-read' list for all my clients!"

Epic Sexy You – The one book to look out for this year!

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