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EpicNail.com.au Launches Nail Polish That Lasts for 14 Days with No Chips or Damage


Brisbane, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- Those who wear nail polish know how annoying a damaged nail can be. Even the best nail polish brands seem to develop cracks and chips after just a few days. These chips and cracks are time consuming and expensive as the nail polish has to be constantly reapplied in order to look its best.

One Australian company, EpicNail.com.au, appears to have solved this issue and is gaining a lot of attention from consumers as a result. Their innovative product CCO Shellac holds its colour for fourteen days or more. That means women can apply the product and stop worrying about cracks or chips for the next two weeks.

EpicNail.com.au features a wide selection of CCO Shellac products. The nail polish is available in a variety of colours, and visitors can sort through the range based on price, popularity, or name. The company prides itself on the innovativeness of the product, and the goal of Shellac nail polish is to change the way women think about – and apply – their nail polish.

A spokesperson commented on the product:

“We believed too much investment was being funneled towards branding within the market at the expense of innovation. We decided to innovate ourselves and the CCO Shellac products are the result of our extensive research and development. The feedback from consumers has been fantastic and we’ll be looking to continuously add to the range.”

Epic Nail has also invested heavily in their website and the customer experience. A spokesperson for EpicNail.com.au explained how the site aims to make the shopping experience as straightforward as possible for customers:

“We’ve invested hundreds of hours into the design of our website and supply chain and we’re very proud of the results. Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for customers to find the products they’re looking for, check out, then receive that product in a short period of time. We stock all items so can be very responsive in terms of lead times. Customers who order their merchandise before 2pm will have their order shipped that same day. As a result, some customers will find their order at their door in as little as 16 hours.”

Along with CCO Shellac, visitors to EpicNail.com.au will find a number of other nail polish related products, including acetone nail polish remover, LED and UV lamps, and packages of different Shellac colours.

The website is also proud of its UV nail lamp selection. The site currently sells two differently-colored UV nail curing lamps. These lamps are designed to quickly dry nail polish without worrying about smears or other problems.

About EpicNail.com.au
EpicNail.com.au sells nail polish, lamps, and nail polish accessories. The website offers free shipping and its flagship product, CCO Shellac, lasts for 14 days or longer with no chips or damage. For more information, please visit: http://epicnail.com.au