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EPM Scientific Offers Recruitment Services for Jobs in Clinical Development


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2022 -- Clinical development defines the process of bringing a drug to the market from scratch. It can be a long and difficult process as many crucial factors play a part. The process helps advance scientific knowledge, propels the life sciences field forward, and ultimately delivering a successful and safe product to market that transforms millions of lives. Therefore, qualified professionals are in high demand in the industry. EPM Scientific, a well-renowned recruitment firm, offers recruitment services for the clinical development sector.

Offering a distinctly different approach to recruitment, they help businesses find candidates to fulfil permanent and contract roles. They support pharmaceutical companies with bespoke recruitment solutions to assist them in optimising their attraction and recruitment strategies. The company offers an expert knowledge, friendly and supportive service to both clients and candidates, whilst paying particular attention to quality. The company works with business founders and hiring teams worldwide to meet immediate hiring needs and create sustainable talent strategies for the future.

EPM Scientific work closely with high-growth clinical development clients and introduce them to talented professionals who can help shape the future of their organisations. Their career experts also assist candidates in defining their goals and objectives, as well as identifying changes that will propel them to the next level in their chosen profession. EPM Scientific have the knowledge and the right connections to successfully match job seekers with businesses, whether it be for a temporary lab-tech, commercial appointment, or executive hire. Businesses looking to recruit top-quality candidates can go to EPM Scientific's website for more information.

"From drug discovery and product development to preclinical research and clinical trials, the clinical development process is a long and difficult process," commented Kieran Behan, Managing Director at Phaidon International, the parent company of EPM Scientific. He said, "We have an inspired team who demonstrate a remarkable ability to adapt and continue to help all our clients secure top talent on a global scale."

EPM Scientific is one of the most sought-after pharmaceutical recruitment agencies across the globe. The company has grown to become a dominant force in scientific, clinical and technical recruitment, and has a long history of working with fantastic companies and talented people. The organisation's expertise covers a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, engineering, and medical devices.

To find out more about safety & pharmacovigilance jobs, visit: https://www.epmscientific.com.

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About EPM Scientific
EPM Scientific partners with organisations across the fast-expanding pharmacovigilance sector. The firm's 1000+ employees support growth and development among enterprises where innovation and insight will be crucial to both current and future generations. As part of the Phaidon International group, they work with 70+ world-leading companies as their preferred recruitment partner to find the Life Sciences talent they need, so they can focus on what they do best – leading from the front to create a better world.