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EPM Scientific USA Offers Specialized Recruitment Services for Medical R&D Firms Across the USA


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2021 -- Research & Development (R&D) positions are in high demand within the life sciences sector. The USA has great success rates within the pharmaceutical sector with access to funding and development of chemicals and inventions which are not commonly used. The competitive nature of the life science sector means that certain sectors rely heavily on the invention of medicinal products to guarantee their survival. This has led to a great demand for top talent in the field.

A leading recruiter in the life sciences industry, EPM Scientific USA offers specialized recruitment services for medical R&D firms across the USA. EPM Scientific understands the unique talent requirements of each client, provides tailored recruitment solutions for life science R&D with a major focus on securing talented professionals to suit the available positions. They specialize in the recruitment process and pride themselves in the assurance that their clients are in the safest hands in the industry.

With access to an exclusive network of professionals within the Life Sciences industry, the company guarantees a wealth of knowledge of the sector and enhances the recruitment procedure to aid the search for rising talent. Their team of highly skilled recruiters offers a plethora of opportunities for candidates including permanent, contract, and multi-hire recruitment. They provide candidates with varied and rewarding opportunities in the R&D field.

EPM Scientific has consultants who are specialists in their markets, recruiting top talent for the R&D jobs market throughout the US. The scope for career progression is promising for the R&D market and EPM Scientific has consultants who will work with you throughout the recruitment process to ensure both candidates and clients achieve their aspirations.

EPM Scientific USA is one of the most well-renowned recruitment firms in the country committed to providing the top talents to life science businesses. The company provides up-to-the-minute technology and recruitment programs that are designed to optimize the expertise and enthusiasm of consultants for the benefit of clients. The firm works hard to nurture a network of talented people across the country, especially in major cities including San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, and New York. Connections at a broad spectrum of different businesses, from global multinationals to boutique enterprises and start-ups.

"Turning ideas into innovation, research and development (R&D) is the lifeblood of the life sciences industry. Thanks to investment in talent recruitment and technology, companies worldwide continue to bring thousands of novel products into being for the benefit of individuals and wider society. EMP Scientific helps to solve the number one challenge – talent as we work to provide quality pharmaceutical R&D jobs in the USA and have had significant success in helping companies to recruit the best talent" " commented Kieran Behan, Managing Director at Phaidon International, the parent company of EPM Scientific.

About EPM Scientific USA
EPM Scientific USA partners with organizations across the fast-expanding pharmacovigilance sector. The firm's 1000+ employees support growth and development among enterprises where innovation and insight will be crucial to both current and future generations. As part of the Phaidon International group, we work with 70+ world-leading companies as their preferred recruitment partner to find the Life Sciences talent they need, so they can focus on what they do best – leading from the front to create a better world.

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