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EPS Warehouse Partners with MRE Star to Augment Their Emergency and Survival Food Catalog


Murfreesboro, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2014 -- Newly established emergency preparedness eCommerce site EPS Warehouse have recently partnered with MRE Star to bring more selections to their MRE offerings. MRE Star is a brand of MREs introduced in 2006 with unique choice of entrees from beef Stroganoff to Cheese Tortellini. MRE is short for Meals that are ready to eat, especially useful for military personnel on prolonged duty but limited access to food and any emergency situations like natural disasters.

Augmented MRE Selection

As standard individual food rations for US Army soldiers, MREs are designed to last 3 to 5 years when stored in unrefrigerated conditions and provide a single serving meal that meets all the dietary needs of soldiers on the field. It can also be prepared even in the harshest of situations as survival food but are mostly ideal as emergency supplies.

“Stocking MREs at your own home is like having food insurance in case of catastrophes that are very common in many areas in the States. It should be restocked roughly every 3 to 4 years as it's better safe than sorry,” says Ray Willis, company representative.

Our catalog for MREs currently features APack products, Millenium Foods' energy and calorie bars, Datrex, Mainstay, CMMG and just recently the complete MRE Star catalog.

MRE Star's packed meals are sold from $3.25 per pack, the Entree Beef Stew pack is currently on sale for just $2.99 while a whole pack of 12 complete meals retails at $79.95 without heathers and $89.95 with heaters.

MREs can also be ideal for hunting, camping or dinners when packing lightly is a must.

Wide Array of Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Aside from emergency food, EPS Warehouse also packs a healthy range of related items such as:

Survival kits and bug out bags
Emergency communication aids
Tactical or protective clothing
Water purification products
Community response kits
Solar powered generators and lighting
Search and rescue items
Hunting or tactical knives
First aid kits
Pet survival tools

More than just the actual products that can be used in emergency situations, they also sell educational materials such as books and DVDs on a random range of topics from pet emergency first aid to knife throwing.

Their frequently updated blog also features recent stories on emergency preparedness like the most recent Ebola scare in Texas, NYC and various other states in the USA. Some topics covered recently include wilderness surival guidelines, Prepper lingo, and preparing for tornado season.

Some of the brands they carry include Almar Knives, Harveston Foods, Energizer, Spyderco, and Umarex USA.

About EPS Warehouse
Starting out as a simple eCommerce site in Spring of 2014, EPS Warehouse has now grown to include dozens of brands they carry for emergency preparedness supplies. Their site also advocates holistic preparedness by not just retailing one item but a diverse range of products from bug out bags to emergency communication devices among others. With holistic preparedness, they also maintain a regularly updated blog on relevant emergency preparedness stories and news plus sell educational materials with focus on survival and emergency situation guides.


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