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Epsilon Business Credit Presents Strategies for Start-Ups to Obtain Business Credit Card

A myriad of information offered by Epsilon Business Credit gives a person the knowledge necessary to obtain a business credit card before or quickly after the business is launched.


Braddon, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2015 -- In 2011, approximately 58% of small businesses used a business credit card and 20.3% of them carried a balance from month to month. Industry experts agree, businesses need to be able to have an amount of money that can be used to float from one month to the next and many businesses prefer to have a credit card available for this purpose.

Between 2011 and 2012, 37% of small businesses relied on their business credit cards to meet their capital needs. For a person working to establish their business, learning How Start Ups Can Get A Business Credit Card is the first step in being able to have this asset to use.

Epsilon Business Credit spokesman Chris Young explains, "Are You A New Business In Need Of A Corporate Credit Card? Our company teaches new business owners how to obtain a business credit card and help ensure your venture will get off the ground. Applying for a business credit card is a little more difficult than applying for a personal credit card, but it's something that can help fill the gap between the original investments in the business and the beginning of obtaining profits from the business."

According to Epsilon Business Credit, the new business owner will need to take a look at the credit cards available and consider the credit limit, APR and fees, repayment terms, and rewards. Business consumers will need to apply for a card using their EIN or SS number. The bank will likely look at their personal credit history when making a decision, but as long as the person has an excellent credit history it shouldn't be difficult to be approved.

Young states, "It's often an advantage to have a dedicated business credit card to separate personal and business expenses and we can help a person look at the factors they need to understand to successfully apply for these credit cards." This company will go through everything a person will need to know before applying for a business credit card so the person will know what to expect, what options are more beneficial, and what types of business credit cards are available right now.

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With 15 years of knowledge and experience in the financial field, Epsilon Business Credit helps those who are starting a business know what their options are for obtaining funds to start their business. Epsilon Business Credit can help a person obtain all the information necessary for business loans, credit cards, and other credit related information. They also talk about how to understand a business's credit rating and to use it to obtain business funding.