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Epub Reader Unveiled

Makes it easier for users to read eBooks the way they want


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- Epub Reader was recently launched to help users read their chosen eBooks in the font they want, exactly according to their convenience.

Epub or electronic publication is a format that was brought out by International Digital Publishing Forum. The format has become hugely popular and prevalent since then, being used in eBooks so that they can be read on computers or mobile devices by people.

But what often happens is that the font of a book might not be suitable for one’s reading. There are others who feel comfortable reading only in a particular type of font. Epub Reader claims to be handy in such instances because it ensures that the font of the original text can be changed.

As a result the font of the book becomes a lot more comprehensible for readers. They will thus be able to access plenty of books in the format they want. Another advantage of this reader is that the presentation of the book adapts itself to the device one is using. Hence it renders very well on one’s chosen device, making it further easier to read.

All readers have to do is choose the format of the first page and all the other pages will be displayed in the same format too. Thus it ends up saving them a lot of time in the long run. One also needs to know that with the help of this app, users can zip the files being read on epub.

It’s a very easy to use app with contents of the file available on the left hand side and the chosen book on the right. Thus one can get started with using the app at the earliest.

About Epub Reader
It is an app that allows users to read eBooks in the format they want.

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